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Tom Paladino followed Nikola Tesla's research and found a way to ERADICATE pathogens that cause chronic illness, ASSEMBLE nutrients that assist recovery and BALANCE the chakra. 

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Quick Glance at Scalar Energy Healing

Scalar energy is a fundamental force in nature also known as Qi, Prana, Creative Strength, radiant energy or Zero Point Energy that is responsible for assembling as well as disassembling physical matter.

Tom Paladino has developed a unique, scalar energy instrument that assembles favorable physical forms as well as disassembles unfavorable physical forms in the human or animal body. Additionally, he is able to re-align the seven  chakras  of the body by way of scalar energy.  

The Standard Scalar Session is comprised of 3 protocols:

The Pathogen Cleanse
The Nutrient Therapy
The Chakra Balance

All three protocols are broadcast daily to a person's photograph.   Distance from the scalar instrument is not an issue.  Where ever you are in the world, the standard scalar session will reach you remotely.

Pathogen Cleanse: 400,000 pathogens are disassembled remotely; for instance, bacteria, virus, fungi, amoeba, parasites and protozoal infestations, thus eliminating the causative agent of disease.

Nutrient Therapy:  358 essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, phytochemicals, fatty acids, collagen and enzymes are assembled daily.

Chakra Balance:  aligns and harmonizes the chakra. People report a new sense of well-being, feeling calm, less anxious, more energy, motivated and an increased joy for living their life.

Before you register for the 15-day trial, we encourage you to watch the video above in its entirety.

The 15-day trial offer is available to anyone that has not used the remote scalar energy healing sessions. One 15-day session per familyCurrent or past customers may not register.


How Does the healing session reach me through my photograph?

The photograph of a person represents their unique scalar energy harmonic or signature thereby allowing a scalar energy instrument to locate and subsequently broadcast scalar energy to that individual. The scalar light/harmonic signature in the photograph is responsible for the remote scalar pathogen cleanse, nutrient therapy or chakra balance session to be delivered to the person or animal anywhere in the world.



Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much do the scalar energy healing sessions cost?

Today we are offering you a FREE trial for 15 days without obligation - no credit card necessary!

Should you like the scalar session and you desire to purchase, you may purchase here. We have several purchase options available. Tom Paladino has created GROUPS so you can gather your family, friends and pets.  The groups start with a Couple and end with a Group 7, the group pricing further reduces the cost per individual. 

2. How do I submit my photograph?

After you register for the 15-day free trial you will be taken to the next page where you can upload photos of your family, friends and pets.  All we need is a photo of your skin; your face, hand, arm or leg.  It couldn't be easier!

3. Do I need to do anything?

Follow  the instructions to upload your photograph(s), then sit back, relax and enjoy the daily scalar session for 15 days.  You may do anything you are presently doing.  Continue with your life as is and watch what happens!  The remote scalar energy sessions do not interfere with anything else you are doing.  Carry on as you are now and observe your daily experience!
This offer available to anyone that has not used the remote scalar energy healing sessions. One 15-day session per family.Current or past customers may not register.

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What they are saying about scalar energy healing sessions. . .

Hi Tom,

I've had so many issues for so long that I no longer really notice them. I just feel bad all the time . Mostly It is Arthritis,  Sinusitis and I have been trying to correct with diet and various protocols not having much success .

Things have definitely started changing since starting your protocols.  I immediately started having very vivid dreams and I am noticing areas of my body waking up from their self-imposed shut down.  I have to admit i was taken a-back how fast this happened and had some things come on really strong like Sinus pressure and joint pain but after a couple of days i felt really good. I will be looking into this for my family even my fur people.

Thank You,


Genital Herpes

Since I got that long series of treatments from you a few years ago, I haven't had a Herpes outbreak.


Ibuprofen & Sugar

Thank you Tom!

I have noticed that I have used a third less (at least) of ibuprofen from how many I would normally take before this happened. I noticed that I can't eat or drink really sugary stuff anymore - it gives me an almost instant stomachache but that's a good thing!! I've been wanting to eat more sugar & something has changed to make my body reject it like it should.

I'll keep you posted with any other changes,


Herpes Eradicated after 35 Years

Dear Tom,

It is amazing to me, that after 35+ years of having the herpes virus, I am free of it!This is especially wonderful since as a former nurse, I previously believed the statement from western medicine, that there is no cure for herpes, and that I would have it for the rest of my life.

I, like many others, I’m sure, really suffered with herpes- both the cold sores and genital lesions. So for me to experience the diminishing of the outbreaks, and eventually having them stop completely, was a huge relief.

Even experiencing the later “false signaling” of the affected nerves (tingling and the “almost blisters” that cleared more quickly), was such a good change. It makes sense to me that after 35+ years of the virus, the nerves would need some time to fully heal from being damaged, even though the virus was no longer present in the body.

But I was patient with the process, since after so many years of enduring the outbreaks, a number of months of scalar treatments to have it all subside and disappear, seemed very small. I am so grateful for this life changing scalar treatment. My overall health has vastly improved.

Hepatitis C Gone in One 30 Day Scalar Session!

Hi guys, I just wanted to shout out a testimonial about Tom Paladino scalar energy treatment.

I’m really sensitive to energy so after a I submitted my pics to Tom, in a hour or so I started to feel the energy working through me. A couple of things that I noticed is that I started to flush lots of toxins out of my body, I’ve been detoxing my body through greens and vitamins and I know the symptoms and it was clear to me exactly what I was experiencing – detoxification process. I was clearing a lot and raising my vibration accordingly, that’s why my body needed more rest and I was irritated by little things. It began to feel really have at the last week of the treatment, which is good sign it means that you letting off lots old garbage . I wasn’t sure If will be able to take it any longer but I decided to finish the process. Anyway a month after I done it I went to do PCR test and see if my Hepatitis C is gonna show up. When the results came they came like this I will just paste them here:

01/15/14 13:47 01/18/14
Tests Ordered
HCV RNA, PCR, Qualitative
General Comments PID: 9459934
HCV RNA, PCR, Qualitative
Hepatitis C RNA-PCR
Negative: HCV RNA Not Detected

That was such a relief for me now I can fall in love again without having to worry about infecting my partner and I can create a happy family life. I can imagine how much does it mean to a person wasn’t sure if he can go to this route again it is definitely life changing. Thank you from the bottom of my Heart … For everyone dealing with the viral issues you are at the right place …

Thank you Tom. God bless you and keep the good work.

PCR Test Shows Herpes Simplex I & II GONE!

Tom, I just wanted to say thank you for the Scalar Treatments!

One of the most exciting moments of my life in the last 4 years was yesterday when I received the results of the PCR Test that I had done for Herpes Simplex 1 and 2.

The test came back negative for both. I can not even tell you what a relief it was to see the word Negative on that lab report. From what I understand this means there was no genetic material that holds the signature of the Herpes virus present.

Three years ago I became aware that I had contracted Herpes Simplex 2. I had probably had the virus for a year prior but because I was A-symptomatic I was unaware of it. In the interim I have researched solutions to the virus and tried more treatments than you can imagine. Each time that I tried a protocol I would have an antibody test done…..at least 8 tests later….still no change in the antibody tests. I was very excited when I heard about the 30 day Scalar treatments that you offer.

The PCR Test was done approximately 1-2 weeks after the Scalar treatments were over. I have also heard from others that have done the 30 day Scalar treatments that they have had amazing results with Herpes Simplex 1 and 2 virus….everything from the “Negative” test results to no more symptoms.

Thank you for the work that you are doing.

Hair, Nails, Liver, Gall Bladder All Better!

Dear Tom,

Thank you for asking me that question. I felt many different short-lived cleansing occurring after the pathogenic clearing. The first week I had light diarrhea which I felt that was my long standing candida exiting.

Last week I had liquid pouring out of my nose if I bent down. I don’t have any reason for that but it might be clearing and cleansing of my sinuses? The minerals are helping my hair which I had lost quite a bit in 2010 when my thyroid gland was malfunctioning.

My hair is lustrous, thick and easy to style lately. I had peeling fingernails in August and now they are so strong they do not bend over when I push them down. Yeah!

I believe my liver is a happy camper and the gallstones seem to be on vacation. That is a good thing.

My toe-nails are growing new light pink normal nails after 35 years of “fungus among us.”

When you do the chakra balancing, I do not go to sleep so easy as I seem wide awake and raring to go. Pam, a member of our group, feels tingling on her scalp and she calls me from her work to see if I do also,. Yes, I have but not the same days.

For the health and happiness of all, I AM,


Severe Sugar Allergy

I have struggled with a severe sugar allergy that caused infection in my sinuses.

I had to figure this out on my own over a twenty year period, as doctors were baffled. Antibiotics made me get better each time, but they didn’t know why.

I now, after one month treatment, can manage my sugar intake with no infectious flare ups or weakness that would come with each flare up.

I got a treatment for my cat first, who had a painful UTI. She also always ran from me as if she expected me to catch her or do something to her. Within a few days of the treatment combined with a holistic treatment to relieve the UTI, her flow came back and then normalized, and she relaxed in a matter of a few days. She has been like a new cat, never before relaxed. I feel her chakra treatment made a great impact on her level of anxiety.

I’m grateful for it all, and plan to come back for more treatments for myself, my pets and family members who want to join me.

Thank you again, Dee