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The Apollo 11 Astronauts’ Health was Monitored and Fixed Remotely From Earth While They Were “Off-World”… This Paved The Way To Scalar Energy Treatments that YOU can experience TODAY!


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Dr Thomas Galen Hieronymus (1895-1988) was a scalar researcher who made a historical breakthrough. In 1949, after years of research and study in the Electrical Engineering field, he worked on developing a radionic instrument, and soon turned into the first man to effectively patent a radionic machine. Through investigation, he found out that his new gadget successfully identified an obscure type of energy that was constantly being emitted from everything around him!

During experimentation, he found that he could use the gadget to distinguish obscure mineral samples. The hardware in this patent used both electrical and optical parts, causing Hieronymus to subsequently name it ‘Eloptic Energy’. This Eloptic Energy can also be known as Chi, Radiant Energy, Zero Point Energy, Orgone and Scalar Energy.

This Scalar Energy, he believed, was a pre-physical state of matter and concluded that it was possible to project energy metaphysically, and not just through the then known medias of radiation of electromagnetic waves.

His Role in the Apollo Missions

Footprint on the Moon's surface
Throughout his lifetime, Hieronymus directed a broad number of Scalar Energy experiments that served to show the significant force of the power that exuded from the Universe.

Most notably, he was able to track and monitor all physiological functions of the Apollo 8 and the Apollo 11 astronauts from planet Earth to the moon’s surface and back, and analyse their general wellbeing.

Image (left): Shutterstock (with permission)

He was able to track moments of stress in the photographs, which correlated to stressful moments throughout the space craft journey, in particular during lift-off. He was later even able to detect one of the astronauts having stomach and digestive issues.

Then, he repeated his experiment with the Apollo 11 mission, and was able to mirror his previous results. However, this time he was also able to experience the tranquillity and peace the astronauts felt when walking the surface of the moon.

A Picture is worth a Thousand Words

Hieronymus believed that photographs of the human aura could be used in detecting feelings, emotions and even health problems in a person, animal or plant. He was able to use a photograph of a person in order to diagnose diseases, without the person being physically present. Also, just by reversing the ‘Scalar Energy’ harmonic of the disease, he could disassemble and negate the condition!

Later in Hieronymus’ career, he decided to implement his discoveries of these Scalar Energy fields and experiment on what he could do to help people with his findings. Below is a direct quote from a letter sent to Dr Hieronymus after he treated a man with Scalar Energy.

Dear Dr. Hieronymus:
Thank you so very much for your efforts to assist me in losing my excess weight and in helping me quit smoking cigarettes. Both have already been very successful. I am losing about two lbs. per day now, on a steady basis and my smoking has been cut in half. All I can say is your ability to influence a person’s logical energy fields in a beneficial manner are very effective. God bless you.
Charles T. Turley

Dr Thomas Galen Hieronymus was a leader in the development of Energy Healing. Today, we follow his work closely and improve upon it, in hopes of helping as many people live their best lives. From improving your general wellbeing, to helping disassemble dangerous viruses in your body, Scalar Light is here to help you be the best version of yourself.



Upload a facial photo. Your photograph contains your “unique scalar light signature” and receives the scalar transmission of energy

The Scalar Light instrument will administer Scalar Energy to your photograph, exclusively.

Scalar Energy is able to locate your scalar light signature on your photograph anywhere in the world

As you relax and go about your day, Scalar Light transmits 3 unique signatures of light waves to your photograph. We call these the Spirit, Mind and Body Trinity Sessions. Scalar Energy is acting upon your photograph to balance your energy centers, disassemble health-robbing substances and assemble micro-nutrients.

When Scalar Energy is administered to your photograph, the non-physical, atomic, elemental and molecular intelligence found on your photo receives beneficial scalar light instructions.

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All Scalar Light programs exclusively transmit scalar light upon the photographs of people, animals, plants and objects. Only the photographs of people, animals, plants and objects receive the scalar light transmission of energy. Scalar Light has NEVER been administered on an in-person basis. Furthermore, scalar light is an unrecognized energy dimension that has not been accepted by conventional science.

Scalar Light honors the medical community and encourages everyone to likewise respect and honor the advice of qualified medical and wellness professionals. Additionally, Scalar Light honors the scientific community and encourages everyone to likewise respect and honor the advice of qualified scientists and researchers.

The Scalar Light administration of scalar light upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects has not been evaluated by the US Food and Drug Administration and / or any other Governmental derivatives thereof, known or unknown. Furthermore, the Scalar Light administration of scalar light upon photographs of people, animals, plants and objects has not been evaluated by the medical community nor the scientific community.

All Scalar Light sessions act exclusively upon the photographs of people, animals, plants and objects. Hence, all subject matter on the web site, SCALARLIGHT.COM is a direct and exclusive reference to the influence and action of Scalar Light upon these photographs of people, animals, plants and objects.

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