Scalar Energy Breakthrough with Herpes

Herpes Simplex Virus TEM
I believe God has given us the cure for herpes virus infection by way of scalar energy treatments. I have recently utilized a new, scalar energy treatment in order to address viral infections with great success. In short, I believe this new, scalar energy treatment is disassembling the structure of each virus and subsequently destroying each virus in the process, thereby curing the specific viral disease.

For the past two (2) months I have been treating fifteen (15) people who were infected with the herpes virus with the new, scalar energy treatment. These fifteen (15) people have suffered from various herpes infections, such as, HSV 1, HSV 2, HSV 3, HSV 4 and HSV 6.

All of these people have witnessed a decrease or a complete cessation of their herpes symptoms. Below are some of the favorable responses that these people are experiencing subsequent to being cured of herpes infection by way of scalar energy.

Favorable Response from Clients

  1. Blisters or ulcers on the mouth, gums, lips or genitals have
    diminished or disappeared altogether.
  2. The inflammation and discoloration associated with these blisters and
    ulcers has likewise significantly diminished or disappeared altogether.

These results are very encouraging as some of these people who were infected with the herpes virus have expressed their belief that they have been cured. Many remark that they have never experienced these favorable results even when taking anti-viral drugs.

Furthermore, some of these people have stated that their skin now looks normal after having experienced blisters or ulcers for years.

I am certain that the improvements that I have recently implemented in treating people with scalar energy for herpes virus infection are now serving to disassemble and subsequently destroy all species of the herpes family of viruses.

In summation, I believe the new, scalar energy treatment has disassembled all of the different types of herpes virus thus opening the door for the cure for herpes infection. Please help me introduce the cure for herpes to mankind. Thank you.

Thank God for healing us.

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