Genetic (DNA) Roulette: What You Need To Know About GMO’s

Nature’s Raw food pyramid
Genetic (DNA) roulette talks about genetically modified organisms as the most dangerous issue facing our generation. These GMOs are engineering chronic illness. Americans are getting sicker, more sick than any other industrialized country.  Our once high ranking for infant mortality has plunged. There has been a logarithimic increase of chronic diseases including alzheimer’s, autism, cancer and obesity that was not seen 30 years ago. Why, with all our medical advances and bountiful food?

Genetic engineering transfers genes between species. This process creates mutations throughout the DNA which can produce new allergens, toxins and carcinogens. The process of insertion plus cloning creates massive collateral damage creating mutations up and down the DNA of both the inserted material and the host organism. This means hundreds and thousands of genes will change their level of expression inside their host with unexpected side effects.

Most GMO crops are genetically engineered to make it easier for farmers to kill weeds and withstand applications of Monsantos best selling weed killer roundup. The active ingredient is glyphosate. It was patented as an herbicide by Monsanto in 1974 but earlier was patented as a chelator. The word means hugging and not letting go. Nutrients become unavailable to a sprayed plant, its defenses become weakened, promoting diseases in the soil that end up killing the plant.

Plants treated with roundup are weak and sick. Animals that eat these plants become nutrient deficient and weak. We eat these plants and we have become weak and sick. Roundup residues end up in our bodies where they can chelate some of the nutrients, making them less available. In areas where plants are doused with glyphosate, plants are sicker almost to the row where spraying begins. Plant tissue tests document deficiencies in manganese, copper and zinc. This less nutritious food works its way up the food chain showing up as deficiencies in humans and animals.  99% of the body is comprised of minerals but they are often overlooked. 60 minerals are required to maintain health.

Abundant food from mother earth
Abundant food from Mother Earth
It is easy to see why disease is now so prevalent. One mineral deficiency causes some disease, two and three cause virulent disease. Most animals in the US eat roundup ready crops and suffer birth defects, high mortality rates, smaller birth size and infertility. People have scores of infertility clinics where before there were none. Glyphosate has also been linked to endocrine disruption, DNA damage, Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) and the creation of serious plant disease along with super weeds.

A genetically modified organism (GMO),  involves the addition   of  genetic material into a host genome. The isolated genetic material is copied using molecular cloning. A virus may be combined in the gene before inserting it into the cell of another species in order to activate the gene.  The genes are either physically inserted with a very small syringe or very small particles are fired from a gene gun. The principle is to add new genetic material into the genome of an organism. From a biophysics perspective, when the signature of a genetically modified sequence is looked at, it is foreign. It does not exist anywhere in nature.

Our Immune System – Keeper of Our DNA

Our immune system is a huge electromagnetic sensor system. When it comes in contact with genetically changed material that is supposed to be food, it says,  “I have not seen this sequence ever before“.  Our body creates an inflammatory reaction and attacks that sequence. The gut is the first to get inflamed since it is the interface between food and anything coming into the body.  Inserted genes and proteins may trigger inflammation which in turn can trigger digestive disorders, cancer, kidney disease, thyroid disease and heart attacks.

GMO Bt corn produces an insecticide that may break holes in our intestinal walls. If so, experts link gut permeability to allergies, autism and pre-mature aging plus parkinson’s and auto immune disorders.  Heathy gut flora converts our food to active nutrients. For example the correct form of  Vitamin K is only elaborated inside the body by healthy intestinal flora.

Organic garden
Organic Garden
Most people are not aware that there are hundreds of millions of acres of genetically modified  crops. Within a decade every single crop will become contaminated if this trend is not stopped. The public has the impression that genetic engineering is a precise science. It is not. It is a dangerous experiment with varied results and we are the lab rats.
Genetically modified soy and corn have been on the market since 1996 and since then digestive related inflammatory diseases have been on the rise. Is this a coincidence?

Some GMO plants are crops that produce their own pesticide. When a bug bites that plant, the bug’s stomach breaks open and is killed. We consume this pesticide when we eat GMO food. Scientists have been inserting the soil bacteria called bacillus  thuringiensis or Bt into corn. The EPA says not to worry about this toxin, that it’s harmless to humans. However independent studies have discovered that the tiny pores in our human cells are broken apart by this toxin.

Science said no. . .and yet?

Foods that scientists said should not be consumed have been on the dinner table for 20 yrs. How did they come to our table? There are no labeling laws so people have been consuming GMOs unkowingly. A fundamental duty of government and the FDA is the health of people and the protection of food sources.  The FDA has stated that this agency is not aware of any information that genetically modified foods differ from any other food therefore no safety studies are necessary.

People say well, studies have been done haven’t they and they couldn’t get it that wrong? Somebody would have spoken up. The chilling facts are that researchers get sacked if their findings don’t tally up with the biotech companies. The chilling message goes out. – don’t speak against these big companies who fund the research at the universities if you want tenure. Funding has been cancelled, reports shredded, findings suppressed. One scientist found lab rats fed GMO feed had pre-canerous growths, atrophy of the liver and smaller brains. Two days after going public his data was destroyed and discredited.

1998 Lawsuit

A 1998 lawsuit forced 44,000 internal government memos into the public domain and they showed a different story. While the FDA  was saying there was consensus within the scientfic community that GMO foods were safe, the overwhelming protests within their scientific staff were exactly the opposite. These scientists not only said these foods could not be presumed safe, but they were dangerous. Increased levels of toxicants, not previously identified and toxic substances including pesticides and heavy metals were found in the foods.

Common sense says that every alterant should be evaluated before entering the marketplace. Reasons to not allow these foods to be consumed, including increased risk of allergy, new diseases and toxic reactions were stated over and over in memos. The scientists who urged their superiors to require long term studies were ignored. Why? Again, the person in charge of the FDA was Michael Taylor,  Monsanto‘s former attorney.

The illusion that genetically modified foods were diligently regulated by Monsanto and the FDA, was pulled off perfectly. The FDA does not approve any GMOS created by a company such as Monsanto. There is only a voluntary consultation process however a company can produce whatever science it wants so it is a  meaningless exercise.  Asking for proof of safety then sending a letter saying that the company producing the product is responsible for the safety means they can put whatever they want on market.  These are the people who told us that PCB’s, agent orange and DDT were safe.

Biotech companies do their own research, called tobacco science and by using the wrong control group end up with wrong statistics.  The trials are so short that there is no chance to identify cancer or reproductive  disorders or birth defects. They have perfected bad science down to a science. No one has the right to play dice or roulette with the entire genetic integrity of life on the planet. Why do the biotech companies mix and match species that do not belong together and put new untested products out into the marketplace? There is one reason only and that is profit. World hunger has not been quelled. There is enough food in the world. There are only corrupt governments that prevent the distribution. We do not need to alter nature. The world can take care of itself, nature can take care of itself.

Rosemary Chicken Kebabs
Rosemary Chicken Kebabs
Experts have been warning about the side effects of unknown toxins, carcinogens and allergens associated with GMOs. The Royal Society of Medicine in Canada warned us, the British Medical Association warned about banning GM crops and scores of other organizations warned us. Why is this important to your health? The GMO alterations in our crops can alter the DNA in our gut bacteria. It is more than “possible” that genes can transfer from the pesticide-producing GMO corn to your flora so that you’ll become a pesticide factory. Most of the soy you’re eating is literally drowning in toxic Roundup.

Enter Environmental Medicine

Environmental medicine has taken a strong stand against GMOs since the evidence of the damage they are causing  is very disturbing. Twenty five and thirty years ago, no one was allergic to anything. Now we are allergic to gluten, dairy, seafood, and even regular regular chlorophyll plants such as parsley. This is basic, plain food. How did food become so harmful? Now there are children who are deathly allergic to corn and this is linked to the time GMO food production began. Immunoligists and allergists recommend people stay away from GMO foods.

Many families have thrown out the entire GMO tainted stock of food out of their kitchen, replaced it with non-GMO food and their health has improved dramatically. The health of autistic children improves dramatically after removing all GMO foods from their diet. Behavioural issues subside and children become calmer. What has been done to our children and our families without our consent? How could we have gotten it so wrong? How is it possible that there are now many people allergic to every food group?

We would not knowingly put diesel fuel into a gas powered car. The engine would suffer damage. GMOs are the wrong fuel for our body. No-one ever checked to see if the Bt toxin we consume in our corn chips transfers into our gut bacteria and continues to function, creating a war zone in our digestion and turning our intestinal flora into a pesticide factory. A Canadian study of pregnant women showed 93% had glyphosate in their blood and 80% had was in unborn fetuses. One explanation is that people eat the milk and meat of animals fed GMO corn.

The beginning of Leaky Gut Syndrome

Only one human feeding study has been done that examined the part of the bacteria gene inserted into soybeans that make them roundup ready, and whether it transferred into the DNA of bacteria living inside our intestines and stayed there. That bacteria was not killable with roundup, suggesting that this gene remained active. This means long after we stop eating GMOs, we still have these genetically modified proteins produced continually inside us. Leaky guts are causing our health problems. Children are the most susceptible because they have higher metabolic rates and their intestinal flora is still developing. Their immune systems are not prepared for the onslaught of  foreign bio-accumulation of toxins while the leaking food that enters the bloodstream. Antibody response creates food intolerances, food allergies, ezcema and asthma.

We have had a huge lie perpetuated on us by the multinational corporations making us believe that GMOs are the way to feed the future. They are not. They are a very bad idea.  The negative effects on health are not worth any profits or shelf longevity. Just because science can do something doesn’t mean it should be done. It is a toxic recipe that is adding to the need for more and more chemicals. GM crops are a key player in contemporary large scale agriculture, which involves monoculture, heavy use of herbicides and pesticides, use of equipment that requires large amounts of fuel, and heavy water use. We do not need to alter nature. The world can take care of itself. Nature can take care of itself. The world has always fed itself.

Family walk
Family walk
The idea that there is not enough food and that is why people are starving has been drummed into us for 30 40 years. In fact there is more food than ever and more than every person needs. Due to corruption people are not getting the food. The World Food Program admitted people could not afford it  to buy the GMO seeds. Yields are going down instead of increasing due to poor plant and soil health. It is a PR concoction that this is the way to feed the world. Just because science can do something doesn’t mean it should be done. It is a toxic recipe that is adding to the need for more and more chemicals.

Luckily the market for organic food products has grown worldwide and in the US, driven to a great extent by concern over the healthiness of the products of industrial agriculture and by concern for the environment. One group, Navdanya, expresses, “We need biodiversity intensification that works with nature’s nutrient and water cycles, not against them.” We can get along fine without GMOs. The better way to live is when we understand how nature works. It‘s not expensive, it doesn’t take so much work and is not destroying the environment at the same time.

21st Century David & Goliath

This is a David and Goliath fight. If California passes a bill this November requiring GMO labeling, we’ll see a wave of GMO right-to-know moves across the land. Food corporations have been playing the no label, no liability game. If  the proposition fails, well, we could see the destruction of the organic food industry. Organic crops may disappear in our lifetime, as the threat of pollen from the patented GMO crops blowing across roads onto organic fields is very real. The Monsanto masterplan is stunning. They want to replace all natural seed, to have all global agriculture be GMO and to create a market with those gmo seeds no sense of nature!

Is there hope for recovering health after stopping a GMO diet? The public can be educated and we have a choice. We do not have to eat genetically altered foods. It has taken anywhere from 2 days, 2 or 3 months to years for people to recover their health. Scalar wave energy is a huge help in the recovery process.

The nine GMO foods on the market today are:

  • Soy
  • Corn (not popcorn)
  • Cottonseed (for oil)
  • Canola oil
  • Sugar beets (for sugar)
  • Papaya (Hawaiian and Chinese)
  • Zucchini
  • Yellow crook neck squash
  • Farm raised salmon

Four ways to avoid GMO’s:

  1. Buy Organic
  2. But only labeled Non GMO Products listed in the non-GMO shopping guide (see link below)
  3. Avoid all products with soy, corn, canola oil, cottonseed oil and sugar from sugar beets
  4. Avoid their derivatives altogether. If they are grown in the US, they are GMO

These derivatives include: canola oil, corn flour, corn masa, corn meal, corn oil, cornsugar, corn syrup, cornstarch, cottonseed oil, dextrin, glucose, high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), hydrolyzed vegetable protein, maltodextrin, protein isloate, soy flour, soy lecithin, soy milk, soy oil, soy protein, soy protein isolate, soy sauce, sugar (unless specifically cane sugar), tamari, tocopherols (vitamin E), tofu, vegetable fat, vegetable oil.

Avoid aspartame. It is a genetically engineered organism.  Just google the symptoms…headaches, hives, difficulty breathing, change in heart rate and about 40 more symptoms.

Download the following guide, get the iPhone app or order by mail.

These foods have been non GMO verified by 3rd party verifiers and they back up the claims that companies make.

Become familiar with the these websites:

Consumer demand is creating a large number of companies that step up to enroll. Commitment is coming because consumers  want to opt out of being a part of the GMO experiment. There are no current legal requirements for GMOs to be labeled. Blissful ignorance is a problem. Take back your food. Do it yourself. Europe did it. Eventually GMOs will become a marketing liability when enough people refuse to buy them. On November 6, 2012, voters in California will have a historic opportunity to do for themselves what the government will not do for them. It will be a huge fight to the finish, as some of the biggest companies in the world (and their considerable resources), particularly Monsanto, will do all they can to stop the citizens of California. On that date California citizens can mandate that their food be honestly labeled as to whether it contains GMO Frankenfood or not.

We can change the world by avoiding GMO’s and by inspiring  everyone we know to do the same. Be a positive force for good in your family and community.

Significant concentrations of the chemical glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup herbicide, have been detected in human urine samples; study participants had concentrations of glyphosate that were 5 to 20 times the limit for drinking water.

Roundup is the most widely used herbicide in the United States, sprayed liberally on genetically modified crops along with gardens, roadsides and lawns.

Glyphosate has been linked to birth defects, endocrine disruption, DNA damage and other health affects, along with Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS),  serious plant disease, and the creation of super weeds.

Along with avoiding the use of Roundup around your lawn and garden, you can avoid exposure to glyphosate by boycotting genetically modified foods

Seeds of Death: Unveiling The Lies of GMO’s – Full Movie

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Scalar Energy Programs All DNA

Icon-v1-02 Scalar energy is produced when two (2) identical, electromagnetic waves of the same frequency are exactly out of phase and the amplitudes subtract and cancel each other. Hence, scalar energy is a pair of light waves that are in-phase spatially but out-of-phase temporally. The result is a transformation of electromagnetic energy back into a scalar wave.

DNA Double Helix Structure
Scalar energy is non-hertzian, non-linear and possesses magnitude only and not direction. Additionally, scalar energy never degrades nor experiences entropy, hence, the information of scalar energy remains unchanged regardless of the environment. Scalar energy is capable of propagating across time and space without having its information impinged upon by the background radiation in the vastness of space. In consideration of the aforementioned, scalar energy is eternal and thus serves as the archival, information system of the universe. All events, past, present and future, are recorded and archived by scalar energy which is the quintessential informational system of all prayer, thought, word and action in the universe.

Double Helix DNA
Scalar energy programs all DNA. Furthermore, scalar energy transcends space and thus is not subject to time and space. The carrier wave for time is scalar energy and thus it is responsible for time. That is, scalar energy is present in all time frames as it transmits information without transmitting energy.

As an information system, scalar energy programs all deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) of each species of life. Human DNA, animal DNA and plant DNA are encoded exclusively by scalar energy. Thus, scalar energy is the informational input that is responsible for the genetic code of each species of life.

Scalar energy assumes the shape of a double helix spiral and this shape is subsequently imparted upon all DNA. Correspondingly, the DNA of each species of life likewise has a double helix spiral structure.

Double Helix Spiral of Scalar Energy

Each rotation of a scalar wave observes the mathematical value of Phi, 1.618…, an irrational number. That is, for each rotation of the MAJOR GROOVE OF A scalar wave, the length of a scalar wave is 1.618 times greater than the width of the scalar wave. This identical, structural motif is imparted to all DNA whereby each rotation of the DNA double helix likewise observes the same mathematical value of Phi. That is, the length of a DNA double helix, MAJOR GROOVE is 1.618 times greater than the width of the DNA, for each rotation of the DNA. Thus, scalar energy is a perfect phi-spiral and is responsible for the formation of a DNA double helix. In short, scalar energy provides the light information responsible for assembling and maintaining all DNA.

Double Helix Spiral of DNA

God is the Creator of scalar energy. Scalar energy as a carrier wave contains an infinite number of harmonics which serve as the instructions to assemble physical forms. Succinctly, one (1) scalar energy harmonic contains the instructions for the formation of one (1) physical form. Thus, each physical form in the universe is assembled from one (1) specific scalar energy harmonic.

God, as the Author of Life assigns a unique scalar energy harmonic in order to create one (1) species of life. In specific, one scalar energy harmonic serves to assemble the DNA code of one species of life. The DNA of a species is unique as only one scalar energy harmonic is responsible for assembling its physical form. Hence, the DNA of each species is unique and divinely appointed by God.

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Tune Into Your Own DNA

Do you believe that you have an influence over your own DNA? Or …….. do you believe that you are just a victim to your genes? If you are open to the possibility of having unlimited influence over your DNA, you might want to stay and listen. I am very excited to share with you here, some fascinating information, so allow yourself to listen with your heart, and feel whether it is true for you.

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