Adenovirus Disassembled via Pathogen Cleanse

Adenovirus disassembled via pathogen cleanse.
Adenoviruses possess a linear, double-stranded DNA genome that is capable of infecting people and causing the symptoms of respiratory illnesses, conjunctivitis, gastroenteritis, neurological disorders, pneumonia, bronchitis, diarrhea and sore throat.

The scalar energy pathogen cleanse is capable of disassembling or transmuting the DNA of the adenovirus thereby incapacitating the infectious agent. Once the nucleic acid of the adenovirus has been disassembled by way of scalar energy it can no longer infect a host cell. Subsequently, the symptoms associated with the adenovirus either weaken or disappear entirely.

The scalar energy pathogen cleanse serves to disassemble and eradicate the adenovirus thereby causing the infectious agent to cease to exist. Thus, the scalar energy pathogen cleanse represents a fundamental approach to address and cure the infection of the adenovirus.

Everyday, seven days each week, we deliver the scalar energy pathogen cleanse that is capable of addressing over 45,000 species of pathogens. I have increased the number of species of viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoan and prions that I am now treating for by way of the scalar energy pathogen cleanse.

This improvement is tangible as many people have noted that their health has shown signs of improvement in respect to the greater number of pathogens that are being disassembled and eradicated from their bodies. It is my ever-present goal to improve the scalar energy treatments which in turn will improve the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of everyone.

The ability to disassemble and eradicate over 45,000 species of pathogens serves to either cure or prevent thousands of diseases. Once a pathogen has been disassembled, the symptoms associated with that infection begin to weaken and subsequently disappear entirely in many occasions. Additionally, the scalar energy pathogen cleanse has been shown to likewise disassemble the toxins associated with pathogens thereby eliminating the adverse side effects such as Herxheimer reaction, die off, cytokine storm, etc. That is, there can not be an adverse side effect if the toxin is disassembled and ceases to exist.

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