EEHV1 Herpes Disassembled in Baby Elephants

ELEPHANTPARKI am pulling this testimonial from the site to illustrate how much our animal friends can be helped with the remote scalar energy healing sessions.

Animals love the scalar sessions. Put your pets on the sessions and observe their behavior! It’s truly remarkable because many people report they are not aware of a change while on the scalar sessions. They realize something has occurred when theY receive their PCR Test back with a Negative Viral load indication. However, the awareness of their personal daily experience many times is absent. So, while your pet is on scalar watch their activity, appetite, mood, attitude, etc. You’ll see a difference!

Elephant Nature Park in Thailand

From the Testimonial Page Marianne Willemse reports:

I checked the box to say I’m human but actually I’m writing on behalf of some baby elephants named Navaan and Dok Mai who live at Elephant Nature Park in Thailand.

Navaan was tested positive for EEHV1 – 2 days before he started receiving your scalar wave treatments. The anti-viral medications started at the same time, had to be flown in.

After the first treatment his fever went down, 24 hrs later it was normal and his condition remained steady, then he gradually got better. As soon as the treatments were over he was his jolly old self again, back with the others he had been quarantined from and yesterday he was swimming in the river again.

Thank you so much for helping our baby elephant survive. We are just sad we didn’t know you earlier so we could have saved Hansa’s life also. She died a month ago of the same condition.
It’s a pathogen that started appearing in 2007 in captive bred elephants around the world.

2 babies died at Oklahoma Zoo 2009. Because of it they are now banning captive breeding of elephants in zoos. Hallelujah!

You can visit the website and find postings about Navaan and all our rescued elephants at ENP.

Bless you Tom for your generosity and dedication to healing the world.

May the force be with you!

Jumbo Size!

Thank you,
Marianne Willemse

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