Parasites Eradicated on 15-day Trial

Types of Pathogens; virus, bacteria, prion, fungus, helminths, toxins and other parasites

Parasite infection eradicated on the 15-day Standard Scalar Session. Review this users experience:

Dear Tom,

For the past 8 years I’ve been struggling with parasite infection problems. And when I’ve managed to kill the parasites that live under my skin, their inner flora composed of bacteria and fungus invades my skin. What you are looking at is candida from the die off of the parasites. I had been living with it for 2 years.

I tried many different alternative therapies and nothing worked. As you may know allopathic medicine usually helps with this problem but it may damage your liver as well. So I didn’t use that route.

The first week I tried your scalar technology I began feeling and seeing changes. I started off with your 15-day free trial. Then purchased a one month scalar session. But by the end of the first month I was so impressed that I had to get a one year program for two people. Every month the skin discoloration is lighter and now it is barely noticeable. I’m sure in a couple of months it will look as if nothing happened.

Thanks for sharing your technology with the world.

Testimonial Results for parasites by way of scalar light

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