Eradicating Lyme Disease with Scalar Energy

The causative agent of Lyme disease in North America is a bacterium: borrelia burgdorferi sensu stricto. In Europe, both borrelia afzelii and borrelia garinii are the two (2) species primarily identified as the causative agents for Lyme disease in that region of the world.

Lyme disease is the most common tick-borne disease in the Northern Hemisphere and is transmitted to humans by the bite of infected ticks belonging to the genus, Ixodes. There are also other pathogens associated with Lyme disease that are transmitted by way of a tick bite. Bartonella, babesia, ehrlichia and rickettsia are other genii of bacteria that are likewise transmitted by the tick vector, Ixodes. Below is a list of some of the co-infections that are associated with Lyme disease.


babesia bigemina
babesia bovis
babesia canis
babesia caballi
babesia conradae
babesia divergens
babesia duncani
babesia equi
babesia gibsoni
babesia microti
babesia MO-1
babesia odocoilei
babesia shortti
babesia uriae
babesia vogeli


bartonella alsatica
bartonella bacilliformis
bartonella birtlesii
bartonella bovis
bartonella capreoli
bartonella chomelli
bartonella clarridgeiae
bartonella divergens
bartonella duncani
bartonella elizabethae
bartonella grahamii
bartonella henselae
bartonella quintana
bartonella melophagi
bartonella muris
bartonella schoenbuchensis
bartonella tamiae
bartonella vinsonii


borrelia andersonii
borrelia afzelii
borrelia bissettii
borrelia burgdorferi
borrelia crocidurae
borrelia duttoni
borrelia garinii
borrelia hermsii
borrelia hispanica
borrelia lonestari
borrelia lusitaniae
borrelia japonica
borrelia parkeri
borrelia persica
borrelia turicatae
borrelia valasiana
borrelia vincenti


brachyspira aalborgi
brachyspira alvinipulli
brachyspira hyodysenteriae
brachyspira intermedia
brachyspira murdochii
brachyspira pilosicoli


ehrlichia chaffensis
ehrlichia muris
ehrlichia platys
ehrlichia risticii
ehrlichia ruminantum
ehrlichia sennetsu


rickettsia africae
rickettsia akari
rickettsia australis
rickettsia belli
rickettsia burnetii
rickettsia conorii
rickettsia felis
rickettsia helvetica
rickettsia honei
rickettsia japonica
rickettsia massiliae
rickettsia monacensis
rickettsia montanensis
rickettsia mooseri
rickettsia parkeri
rickettsia peacockii
rickettsia prowazeki
rickettsia raoultii
rickettsia rhipicephali
rickettsia rickettsii
rickettsia sibirica
rickettsia slovaca
rickettsia tsutsugamushi
rickettsia typhi


spirochaeta africana
spirochaeta alkalica
spirochaeta americana
spirochaeta asiatica
spirochaeta halophila


theileria cervi
theileria microti (formerly babesia microti)
theileria orientalis
theileria ornithorhynchi
theileria parva


human Granulocytic Ehrlichiosis
human Monocytic Ehrlichiosis

Scalar energy is capable of disassembling the pathogens associated with Lyme disease and thus serves to alleviate much of the suffering and discomfort that accompany the infection. I administer remote sessions with scalar energy in order to disassemble borrelia burgdorferi as well as the co-infections associated with Lyme disease. As a result of these sessions, the pathogens associated with Lyme disease are transmuted in to simpler, elemental forms such as carbon, nitrogen, magnesium, oxygen, hydrogen, etc. Scalar energy removes the cause of Lyme disease thus allowing the body to recover and repair from the pathogenic infection.

Scalar energy possesses both an in-phase and a reverse-phase component. Specifically, the reverse-phase component of scalar energy provides an informational input that instructs a physical form to disassemble. It is this informational input of scalar energy that I use to disassemble borrelia burgdorferi and the co-infections associated with Lyme disease.


Each pathogenic species possesses one (1) harmonic of scalar energy. To administer the reverse-phase scalar energy harmonic of a pathogen will serve to disassemble that pathogen. Hence, borrelia burgdorferi and the co-infections associated with Lyme disease can all be disassembled by administering the reverse-phase scalar energy harmonic associated with each pathogen.

Furthermore, I have identified over 150,000 different harmonics of various pathogens that are the causative agents as well as co-infections for many pathogenic diseases. I have developed a treatment process whereby I am able to administer the reverse-phase scalar energy harmonic of 150,000 pathogenic species as thus disassemble these etiological agents of pathogenic disease. Once, the pathogens have been disassembled, then the mind and body can begin to repair and recover from infection.

The process of disassembling pathogens with scalar energy is a light process at the quantum level and does not have the same outcome as other types of treatments. Scalar energy is a natural source of energy that the Sun in our solar system and other stars of the universe create.

Scalar energy is a fundamental approach to disassemble pathogens by way of a fundamental force in nature. It is scalar energy that serves to assemble and maintain the geometry of all physical forms, including pathogens. To reverse the scalar energy harmonic associated with a pathogen is to disassemble and thus eliminate the cause of pathogenic infection. Essentially, scalar energy presents to mankind the ability to disassemble all pathogens.

In summation, the in-phase scalar energy harmonic will allow mankind to assemble desirable physical forms; whereas, the reverse-phase scalar energy harmonic will allow mankind to disassemble undesirable physical forms. It is scalar energy that will allow mankind to master the physical universe as God intended originally in the Garden of Eden.

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