Aids Eradicated Using Scalar Energy

The Scalar Light Pathogen Cleanse disassembles and eradicates the HIV-1 virus, the causative agent for Aids.

The AIDS infection can now be eradicated via the scalar light pathogen cleanse. Scalar energy is responsible for the geometry, the orderly arrangement of all physical forms in the universe: without scalar energy, the physical universe would be reduced to chaos. The entire physical universe is assembled and maintained by way of scalar energy. Conversely, scalar energy is capable of disassembling physical forms such as viruses, including the HIV virus, which is the etiological cause of AIDS.

In specific, it is possible to disassemble the genome of the HIV virus by way of scalar energy, thereby incapacitating the pathogen either in whole or in part. A transmission electron micrograph of the RNA of the HIV virus will provide the necessary information to identify the harmonic of the pathogen responsible for AIDS. In application, it is possible to administer the scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic of the RNA of the HIV virus into a person infected with the virus. This harmonic will instruct the genome of the HIV virus to disassemble thus incapacitating the pathogen for AIDS. Once the genome of the HIV virus has been disassembled either in whole or in part, the pathogen can no longer replicate and infect a host. In short, scalar energy offers the means to fundamentally control and disassemble any pathogen thus eliminating the respective etiological cause of any pathogenic disease.

Scalar energy offers mankind the ability to either assemble favorable, physical forms or to disassemble unfavorable, physical forms. Mastery of the physical universe will be obtained one day by way of scalar energy. Ultimately, scalar energy will prove to be an effective means to disassemble the HIV virus. My prayer remains that God will one day soon grant us the Wisdom to bring forth the effective solution for AIDS that the world so desperately needs.

Nikola Tesla holding a gas-filled phosphor-coated light bulb illuminated without wires.

Scalar energy is an energy created by the Sun in our solar system as well as the stars of the universe. This omnipresent light pervades the universe and is responsible for the geometry, the order, and arrangement of all physical forms in the universe. Scalar energy does not experience interference nor does it attenuate over distance, hence, scalar energy does not experience entropy.

Great scientists have experimented with scalar energy and have revealed marvels of this subtle light to mankind. Nikola Tesla is one of the scientists that have experimented with and successfully controlled scalar energy. In 1899, Tesla conducted scalar energy experiments at his laboratory in Colorado Springs, Colorado and was able to illuminate light bulbs without electricity or a wire connection. Tesla created a scalar energy environment in his laboratory that enabled him to illuminate light bulbs by way of the wireless transmission of scalar energy. The photograph below reveals Tesla illuminating a light bulb exclusively by way of scalar energy, without the need for electricity.

T. Galen Hieronymus also pioneered scalar energy research as he dedicated his life to discovering the characteristics and properties of this subtle light that he termed, “eloptic energy.” Hieronymus surmised that eloptic energy propagated in a cork-screw fashion and did not attenuate over distance.

He subsequently invented an eloptic energy analyzer, which was, a scalar instrument that was able to monitor the bio-rhythms of people, analyze and locate minerals, reverse disease conditions, remove pests from arable land, purify water, etc. In a bold experiment, Hieronymus demonstrated that the analyzer was able to monitor the bio-rhythms of the Apollo 8 astronauts as they orbited the moon during their lunar mission in 1968.

Photographs of the astronauts were used to establish a means of communication between the scalar energy instrument, the analyzer, and the astronauts orbiting the moon. In so doing, Hieronymus was able to confirm that scalar energy is capable of communicating between the earth and the moon without the loss of a signal, notwithstanding the fact that the astronauts orbited on the far side of the moon.

This lead him to conclude that the uninterrupted signal was an indication that scalar energy traveled through the moon in order to maintain constant communication with the astronauts. Whereas, a radio signal of the electromagnetic spectrum would have been blocked when the lunar module orbited on the far side of the moon.

In spite of the inspiring effort of scientists such as Tesla and Hieronymus, scalar energy remains to this day a misunderstood and unrecognized energy. Once acknowledged and broadly implemented in the modern-day world, scalar energy will serve to vastly improve the quality of life for mankind.

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