Hepatitis Eradicated Using Scalar Energy

The DNA of the Hepatitis B Virus is disassembled via Scalar Energy Pathogen Cleanse
The DNA of the Hepatitis B Virus is disassembled via Scalar Energy Pathogen Cleanse
The hepatitis virus disrupts the liver’s essential work. Fortunately, the calar energy pathogen cleanse is capable of disassembling the five (5) identified, hepatotropic viruses: hepatitis A, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, hepatitis D, and hepatitis E.

In order to cure hepatitis, it is crucial to disassemble the nucleic acid of the hepatotropic viruses, thus effectively incapacitating each virus and thereby preventing the replication and subsequent infection of a host. By disassembling the nucleic acid of all of the hepatotropic viruses, the etiological agents of hepatitis will be incapacitated thus serving to cure all types of hepatotropic disease.

hepatitis a
Hep A
Pursuant to this objective, it is necessary to photograph the nucleic acid of the five (5) hepatotropic viruses. This can be achieved by way of a transmission electron microscope which is able to penetrate inside the hepatitis virus and thus image and magnify the nucleic acid of the five (5) hepatotropic viruses. Transmission electron microscopy is a technique in which a beam of electrons is transmitted through a specimen, such as a virus. As the beam of electrons pass through a specimen, an image is formed from the interaction of the electrons with the physical mass within. The image is then magnified and subsequently focused onto a fluorescent screen, rendering a transmission electron micrograph. A transmission electron micrograph of the nucleic acid of a hepatotropic virus will possess the scalar energy harmonic necessary to disassemble and subsequently incapacitate that specific virus.

In application, a transmission electron micrograph of the nucleic acid of a hepatotropic virus will provide the scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic that can in turn be administered in to a person infected with the hepatotropic virus, thus effectively disassembling the virus. For example, the transmission electron micrograph of the hepatitis A virus will provide the scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic necessary to disassemble the hepatitis A virus infecting that person. Once the the nucleic acid of the hepatitis A virus has been disassembled either in whole or in part, the virus is incapacitated. By incapacitating the nucleic acid of a hepatotropic virus, the pathogen can no longer replicate and infect a host, thus producing the effective cure for hepatitis.

My objective is to introduce scalar energy to mankind as the means to achieve mastery over viruses, such as, the hepatotropic viruses as well as other pathogens. Scalar energy is the means to disassemble the nucleic acid of a hepatotropic virus thus incapacitating the pathogen and curing hepatitis. Scalar energy is capable of disassembling all pathogens thus presenting to mankind the cure for all pathogenic disease. My prayer remains that God will soon bring forth the cure for hepatitis disease by way of this profound force in nature: scalar energy.

spiral galaxy
Spiral Galaxy
Scalar energy is the preeminent energy of the universe. The entire universe pulsates with scalar energy which originates from the Sun in our solar system as well as the stars of our universe. The geometry of the universe is the direct result of scalar energy as this light is responsible for order in all physical forms. Without scalar energy the universe would be reduced to a state of chaos.

Furthermore, scalar energy is responsible for all thought and emotion as our thoughts and emotions are non-physical expressions of scalar energy. Every thought and emotion is a distinct scalar energy harmonic that is unique. Succinctly, all mental and emotional expressions are scalar energy harmonics that carry and propagate information and feelings.

Scalar energy pervades the universe and is responsible for assembling and disassembling physical forms from the ether, which is the fundamental unit of matter. Accordingly, scalar energy connects all matter in the universe and transmits energy from one object to another object. That is, a scalar wave can be of any length, even an infinite length, thus allowing the transmission of energy instantaneously. Hence, scalar energy can be directed, is capable of superluminal velocity, even instantaneous velocity as space does not impede its movement. Additionally, as scalar energy propagates throughout space, it does not experience entropy as its signal will not weaken over distance nor can it be interfered with: scalar energy transcends space. Scalar energy is present in every spatial dimension in the universe and is responsible for the geometry of all physical forms.

Spiral between heaven and earth
Spiral between heaven and earth
Scalar energy assumes the configuration of a double helix and its rotation is responsible for time. To rotate a scalar wave in one direction will advance time and conversely to rotate a scalar wave in the opposite direction will reverse time: scalar energy transcends time. When a scalar wave does not rotate, time will remain in the present moment-time will neither advance nor reverse. Scalar energy is the cause of time and is present in every temporal dimension in the universe and thus is responsible for all time frames.

Scalar energy carries the information of the universe. As a carrier wave, scalar energy is in the shape of a Phi spiral and is responsible for imparting the genetic information or the DNA code for each species of life. As informational light, scalar energy serves as the instructions for DNA to assemble in a specific arrangement or geometry thus producing life. In short, scalar energy are the genetic instructions for all life forms.

On a grand scale, scalar energy also carries information for galaxies to form and assume the shape of a spiral. That is, scalar energy is a Phi spiral that imparts the formative instructions for a galaxy to likewise assume the configuration of a logarithmic spiral. A Phi spiral increases in size by a factor of Phi, 1.618…, for every quarter turn of the spiral. A spiral galaxy likewise assumes a close approximation to this mathematical value of 1.618…, and will increase in size by an approximate value of 1.618 for every quarter turn, without changing its shape. Thus, a spiral galaxy increases in size but its shape remains unaltered with each successive curve, which is the property of self-similarity. In conclusion, the Phi spiral of a scalar wave is responsible for the logarithmic spiral of a spiral galaxy.

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