HIV Not Detected-No Viral Load

User experiences new PCR Test result of HIV Not Detected after receiving scalar energy sessions since April 2018:

My experience is that I have been doing the scalar energy therapy for pathogens, nutrients, and chakra balance since April 2018. Just 4 months. And for the first time In 5 years, I have tested non detectable. For hiv. For the last 5 years it has never been undetectable there has always been a viral load. I know this was scalar energy because I have had blood tests every 90 days for 5 years and could not get the virus controlled. Dr wanted to change meds but I told him let’s wait, I’m going to try something. And this was it! I’m so grateful to God and grateful for this healing. Thank you Tom for your passion and dedication to help bring this light to the masses. God bless you


It is possible to disassemble the genome of the HIV virus by way of scalar light, thereby incapacitating the pathogen either in whole or in part. A transmission electron micro graph of the RNA of the HIV virus will provide the necessary information to identify the harmonic of the pathogen responsible for AIDS. In application, it is possible to administer the scalar light reverse-phase angle harmonic of the RNA of the HIV virus into a person infected with the virus. This harmonic will instruct the genome of the HIV virus to disassemble thus incapacitating the pathogen and eradicating AIDS. Once the genome of the HIV virus has been disassembled either in whole or in part, the pathogen can no longer replicate and infect a host. In short, scalar light offers the means to fundamentally control and disassemble any pathogen thus eliminating the respective etiological cause of any pathogenic disease.

HIV PCR test results

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