Herpes Eradicated via Pathogen Cleanse

Herpes Simplex Virus TEM
Herpes Simplex Virus TEM
Today one can expect, even plan on a herpes infection being eradicated using my scalar energy protocol. The disassembling of the herpes virus using my protocol offers great hope to humanity. Scalar energy pervades the universe, and is responsible for the geometry of all physical forms; however, on balance, humanity does not recognize this awe-inspiring, subtle force in nature. Once recognized and incorporated into every day life, humanity will significantly benefit from this great gift from God. Scalar energy is the great gift from God that humanity must acknowledge and embrace.

If you have the herpes virus, plan to use the standard scalar energy sessions for a minimum of 3 months, an average of 6 months.

Scalar Energy NOT Electromagnetic

Scalar energy is not of the electromagnetic spectrum and does not behave like electricity or magnetism. For instance, scalar energy does not experience entropy as its signal will not attenuate over distance or over the course of time. Scalar energy is an eternal energy that fills the expanse of the universe. The Sun in our solar system and the stars in the universe create scalar energy on a continuous basis. Additionally, scalar energy can be instantaneously transmitted from one location in the universe to another. That is, a scalar wave is capable of an infinite length which allows the transmission of scalar energy instantaneously along the carrier wave.

Dr. T. Henry Moray Salt Lake City, UT

Dr Moray's scalar device illuminating light bulbs and powering a garment iron
Dr Moray’s scalar device illuminating light bulbs and powering a garment iron
There have been a number of great scientists who have researched and worked with scalar energy in the past. Dr. T. Henry Moray of Salt Lake City, Utah was one of the pioneers of scalar energy who affirmed that the vacuum of space contained an unlimited amount of radiant energy, or scalar energy. Dr. Moray realized that scalar energy permeated the universe and only needed to be accessed. To that end, Dr. Moray invented a scalar energy instrument that accessed the free, radiant energy of space and subsequently produced as much as 50,000 watts of electricity that could be used to illuminate light bulbs and power household appliances. Once properly tuned and synchronized, Moray’s scalar instrument could function for hours producing a free source of energy. In so doing, Dr. Moray demonstrated repeatedly how scalar energy could be used to illuminate light bulbs and even power a garment iron as depicted below.

Dr. Moray’s Scalar Energy Instrument

Notwithstanding the brilliant and heroic research and invention of Dr. Moray, mankind has yet to realize the great benefit to be derived from this infinite and safe source of power: scalar energy. Once recognized and embraced by mankind, scalar energy will serve to change the course of human history for the better.

Scalar Energy Assembles and Disassembles

One benefit to be derived from scalar energy is the ability of this free energy to either assemble or disassemble matter. Scalar energy is responsible for the formation of all matter from a state of chaos to that of order and is consequently responsible for the geometry of the universe.

Scalar energy is capable of disassembling the Herpes Virus. In application, it is necessary to administer the scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic of the herpes virus into a person infected with herpes. Such an administration of scalar light will cause the fundamental forces that provide the geometry of the herpes virus, to fall apart and to be reduced to a state of chaos.

Using a TEM to Determine the Harmonic

In specific, I use a transmission electron micrograph of the herpes virus, in order to ascertain the scalar energy harmonic of the nucleic acid of the herpes virus. With this scalar light information, I then administer the reverse-phase angle of the DNA of the herpes virus into a person infected with the herpes virus in order to disassemble and effectively incapacitate the DNA of the virus. Once the herpes virus has been incapacitated, the pathogen can not replicate and subsequently infect a host. This scalar energy treatment can be administered for either herpes simplex I (HSV-1) or herpes simplex II (HSV-2) infection. The upshot of this treatment is the ability to cure herpes by reducing the nucleic acid of the herpes virus to a state of chaos.

In summation, once the DNA of the herpes virus has been reduced to a state of chaos, the virus is non-functioning as it has lost its ability to replicate and subsequently infect a host. Hence, scalar energy offers to mankind the cure for both herpes simplex virus I (HSV-1) and herpes simplex virus II (HSV-2) infection.

My fervent hope is to introduce to humanity the cure of herpes by way of scalar energy. Knowledge of the life force and its far-reaching capabilities will serve to inspire people to embrace this great gift from God. Then, it will be possible to cure herpes and so many other diseases and free humanity from so much suffering. May that day of hope soon dawn upon humanity.

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