Eradicate Influenza with the Pathogen Cleanse

It is crucial to ascertain the scalar energy harmonic of the RNA of the influenza virus in order to disassemble the nucleic acid and incapacitate that virus.

Influenza a virus

Pursuant to that notion, a scalar energy instrument can decipher the harmonic of the RNA of the influenza virus by way of a transmission electron micrograph. That is, a transmission electron micrograph possesses the scalar energy informational code or harmonic that is responsible for assembling the RNA of the influenza virus.

In practice, I administer the scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic of the influenza RNA in to a person infected with the influenza virus. This administration of scalar light will instruct the RNA of the influenza virus to disassemble, thus creating a state of chaos in the nucleic acid and rendering the virus inoperable. Once the influenza virus has been incapacitated, the symptoms of the flu either attenuate or disappear entirely, thus offering to mankind the cure for influenza.

My resolve remains to introduce scalar energy to mankind as the means to cure infectious diseases such as Influenza. Scalar energy allows mankind to control physical forms thus providing dominion over nature. The ability to assemble favorable, physical forms and to disassemble unfavorable, physical forms, will once again allow mankind to enjoy the gift of the “Creative Strength” that Adam and Eve initially enjoyed in the Garden of Eden. In the near future, scalar energy will be recognized as, “one of the greatest creations from God,” that will allow mankind to once again enjoy that state of perfection.

Dr. Thomas Galen Hieronymus

Scalar energy is the life force of the universe produced by the Sun in our solar system as well as the stars of the universe. Once scalar energy is created by the Sun and the stars, it is an eternal light that will never weaken or cease to exist. Scalar energy is a longitudinal wave that moves through the medium of the ether in the direction of propagation and pulsates outwards in circles of energy. Contrary to electromagnetic energy, scalar energy is non-hertzian as it does not possess a wavelength and thus can not be measured as a frequency. Rather, scalar energy is composed of an infinite number of harmonics that serve to carry and impart information upon an object. Scalar energy can be directed without experiencing entropy and thus is capable of passing through any object without diminution of its signal.

Dr. T. Galen Hieronymus was a pioneer of scalar energy as he invented scalar energy instruments that were capable of assembling or disassembling physical matter. Hieronymus realized that scalar energy propagated through the ether and was capable of forming electrons, protons, and neutrons from the ether, which is, the primary substance in the universe. In the words of Hieronymus:

“It takes a certain amount of (scalar) energy to cause the Fine Media (ether) to coalesce so that the units, protons and neutrons, will be formed and a lesser amount of (scalar) energy to combine the units into the group of particles called the element, e.g., hydrogen, silver or mercury, and still a lesser amount of (scalar) energy to form the molecules of the various compounds. Such an element or compound can be disintegrated back into its components or units or even completely back into the Fine Media (ether) from whence it came.”

Hieronymus deduced that scalar energy acted upon the ether, and was responsible in forming or assembling electrons, protons and neutrons – the basic components of the atom. It is scalar energy that creates the informational input for ether to assemble thus subsequently calling into existence the atomic structure. Without scalar energy, the atom would disassemble resulting in a state of chaos in the universe. It is scalar energy that is responsible for assembling and maintaining the atom, element or molecule and therefore is the fundamental cause of the geometry of the cosmos. Succinctly, scalar energy is the primal force that provides order out of chaos in the universe.

Hieronymus invented and developed scalar instruments that proved to be capable of disassembling physical objects such as pathogens, tumors, insects, poisons, etc. Others in turn were able to independently replicate Hieronymus’ success by similarly disassembling unfavorable, physical forms with the same scalar energy instruments that he invented, manufactured and subsequently offered for sale. These propitious results served as an indication that Hieronymus’ scalar energy instruments were indeed capable and efficient in controlling physical matter to the benefit of mankind.

All physical forms in the universe possess one (1), unique scalar energy harmonic that is responsible for assembling and maintaining that form in nature. Accordingly, the influenza virus possesses one (1) scalar energy harmonic that is exclusively responsible for its formation and maintenance as a pathogen.

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