Scalar Energy Created the Image Found on the Shroud of Turin

Face on Shroud of Turin
Face on Shroud of Turin
The Shroud of Turin is the burial cloth that covered the body of Jesus Christ, the Savior, after His Crucifixion and Death. The Shroud of Turin measures 14.3 x 3.7 ft. and reveals the double image (front and back) of the scourged and crucified Body of Jesus Christ.

The image on the Shroud of Turin is so distinct that even the Blood and Water stains from the Body of Christ appear on the burial cloth. The Shroud provides a perfect record of Christ’s suffering and death that He endured in order to save mankind from sin.

After Christ had died upon the Cross, His Body was prepared for burial as a new winding sheet was used to cover the Body of Christ in the tomb. It was this winding sheet that received the Image of Christ when the Resurrection took place three days later on Easter Sunday. At the precise moment of the Resurrection, an effulgence of scalar energy emanated from the Body of Christ and left an Image of His body on the burial shroud.

The Full Length Shroud of Turin

Full Length Shroud of Turin - 2 sides
Full Length Shroud of Turin – 2 sides
Scalar energy is exclusively responsible for the image of Jesus Christ imparted upon the Shroud of Turin. Scalar energy is an informational energy that is capable of forming an image, assembling a molecule or creating the structure of a galaxy. Scalar energy is a subtle form of light that provides the instructions as to how physical matter is assembled and maintained.

When the image of the Shroud of Turin is photographed, the image itself gives the appearance of being a negative. The scalar energy information imparted on the Shroud by the effulgence of light, left the image of Christ as a photographic negative. The Shroud is in some sense a scalar energy negative.

Scientists have difficulty in understanding the phenomenon responsible for the Shroud of Turin as their understanding of science is principally couched within the electromagnetic spectrum. It is the properties and characteristics of scalar energy that can adequately explain the phenomenon responsible for the Shroud of Turin. To understand the scientific principles responsible for the Shroud of Turin is to understand scalar energy.

Face of Jesus Observations

For instance, the image of Jesus Christ seems to have been imparted topically on to the flax fiber without penetrating in to the medulla, the central core of the cellulose. Scalar light is able to be transmitted topically over the surface of an object, such as flax fiber, and does not have to penetrate in to the center of an object in order for the transmission of energy to take place. The Shroud of Turin exhibits this characteristic as only the surface of the flax fibers bear the image of Christ.

Scalar energy does not burn or consume an object when imparting information as this form of light does not experience entropy. Scalar energy transmitted information to the Shroud without burning or consuming the flax fibers as no decay or degeneration was experienced during this process. Scalar energy is capable of imparting a permanent character upon an object that will not attenuate over time. The image of the Body of Christ upon the Shroud has not attenuated over time, as scalar energy is eternal energy.

In 1976 a team of scientists discovered that a photograph of the Shroud of Turin produced a three-dimensional image when analyzed under a VP-8 NASA computer. The implication is that scalar energy has dimensionally encoded the Shroud. No other painting or photograph has ever been dimensionally encoded as this is a unique characteristic of scalar energy. Scalar energy carries information and the Shroud of Turin is encoded with the three-dimensional Body of Jesus Christ.

3 Dimensional Image of Jesus Christ – Shroud of Turin

3 Dimensional Image of the Shroud of Turin
3 Dimensional Image of the Shroud of Turin
God is providing mankind with an indication as to the perfect light: scalar energy. In heaven, only scalar light exists as this form of energy is eternal and transcends space and time. God always works in harmony with creation as He is the Creator of the universe. God prefers to manifest His miracles by way of scalar energy as this is the perfect form of light and thus is most appropriate in communicating God’s glory. Scalar energy is God’s signature upon the Shroud of Turin. The image on the Shroud of Turin is an eternal sign imparted by scalar light, from Jesus Christ Who is eternal Light, Himself.

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