Earthquake and Scalar Energy

Earthquake and scalar energy as we understand it today. Scalar energy is a primal force in nature that is capable of assembling and disassembling physical matter. The scalar energy associated with an earthquake can instantly assemble water from the elements, minerals, and soil inside the earth’s crust resulting in a liquid-like ground condition. This phenomenon is known as liquefaction in which the ground becomes heavily saturated with water during seismic activity. This assembling of water by way of scalar energy is one of the contributing factors of liquefaction during an earthquake.

During liquefaction, underground caverns are created, small fountains of gushing water pulsate from the ground, puddles of water are quickly formed, miniature sand volcanoes develop and streams of running water result in local flooding in some cases. As a result, roadways, bridges and sidewalks collapse, buildings and other structures tilt upon their foundations and underground storage tanks and sewer pipes float to the surface.

Earthquake Niigata, Japan – Liquefication

Liquefication at Niigata 1964

The Niigata earthquake, together with the Alaska earthquake also of 1964, brought Overturned buildings, Niigata 1964 liquefaction phenomena and their devastating effects to the attention of engineers and seismologists. A remarkable ground failure occurred near the Shinano river bank where the Kawagishi-cho apartment buildings suffered bearing capacity failures and tilted severely (left). Despite the extreme tilting, the buildings themselves suffered remarkably little structural damage.

Sandboils Niigata Japan. Image Source: ResearchGate

Sand boils and ground fissures were observed at various sites in Niigata.






Showa Bridge Niigata Japan


Lateral spreading caused the foundations of the Showa bridge to move laterally so much that the simply supported spans became unseated and collapsed.

Christchurch NZ Earthquake 2011

Streets under liquefication – Christchurch NZ 2011

The Christchurch, New Zealand earthquake that occurred on February 22, 2011, was a poignant example of scalar energy causing liquefaction. During the Christchurch earthquake, the ground quickly experienced liquefaction resulting in currents of water throughout the city. Scalar energy caused the earthquake as well as the subsequent aftershocks; furthermore, scalar energy also served to quickly transmute the elements, minerals, and soil of the earth into water producing widespread flooding throughout Christchurch. The significant liquefaction during the Christchurch earthquake serves as another example as to the cause and effect relationship of scalar energy causing earthquakes as well as other phenomena associated with seismic activity, such as liquefaction.

Scalar Energy Causes Earthquakes

In synopsis, scalar energy is the cause of earthquakes as well as the subsequent phenomenon associated with a seismic activity such as peculiar animal behavior, the illumination, and formation of clouds, flashes of light, subterranean sounds and liquefaction.

Mankind must acknowledge the role of scalar energy as the cause of earthquakes in order to better understand not only seismic activity but the world in which we live. My prayer remains that mankind will soon acknowledge and embrace scalar energy as one of the “greatest creations,” from God, the eternal Father.

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