Mystics, Geniuses and Scalar Energy

Mystics, Geniuses, and Scalar Energy; God is the First Cause of all causes in the universe, therefore, God is the Creator of scalar energy. Scalar energy is a primal force in nature that is responsible for assembling and maintaining all matter in the universe. A scalar energy wave assumes the shape of a double-helix, Phi spiral and the geometry of the universe reflects this fundamentally. In specific, the Phi ratio, 1.618… is incorporated throughout the universe in so many aspects regarding the form and function of creation. The Sun in our solar system as well as the stars of the universe manifest and propagate scalar energy throughout the universe in superabundance. Furthermore, scalar energy is an eternal energy that does not experience entropy and accordingly is not obstructed by any physical body or attenuated over distance. In summation, God, the Great Architect of the universe, created scalar energy which is responsible for the geometry of the universe.

Scalar energy is the means by which God communicates His Divine Wisdom to mankind. All prayers, thoughts, inspirations, emotions, premonition, ideas, creativity, invention, memory, knowledge, information, understanding, deduction, telepathy, prescience, calculation, analysis, prophesy, deja vu, perception, locutions, visions, etc. are emanations of scalar energy. Hence, scalar energy is the cause for all spiritual, intellectual and emotional expressions.

Scalar Energy & Luisa Piccarreta

Luisa Picarreta

Luisa Piccarreta, the Little Daughter of the Divine Will, was a Catholic mystic who experienced locutions from Jesus Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary throughout her life. These supernatural, interior messages were communicated by way of scalar energy. During her lifetime, Luisa Piccarreta received thousands of locutions from God and subsequently wrote a series of volumes in reference to the Divine Will. All dictation for these Divine Will volumes were by way of scalar energy locutions from God as this type of communication serves to uplift the Soul and can not be impeded by anything. A scalar energy locution is not heard audibly, rather, this type of supernatural communication is experienced within by the Soul.

Furthermore, by virtue of the gift of the Divine Will, Liusa Piccarreta also received supernatural, scalar energy visions throughout her lifetime. These visions were scalar energy communications from God that were either physical visions or intellectual visions. For example, Jesus Christ revealed His Passion to Luisa Piccarreta by way of numerous scalar energy visions in order to educate and inspire her to love Him in a more meaningful capacity. These visions were in some cases visually sensed by Luisa Piccarreta as is typical with any physical event. In other cases, the vision was an intellectual image in which scalar energy communicated directly with the mind or Soul of Luisa Piccarreta, thereby bypassing the senses entirely. Hence, a scalar energy vision can be either normally perceived by the senses or imparted directly upon the mind or Soul of the visionary.

Laurence Kim Peek and Scalar Energy

Laurence Kim Peek

The incredible memory of Laurence Kim Peek, of Salt Lake City, Utah, is a prime example of scalar energy as the cause of memory. Peek was a savant who memorized in effortless fashion over 12,000 books of various subjects during his lifetime. So profound was Peek’s prowess for memorization that his character served as the inspiration for the movie, RAIN MAN. It was scalar energy that, “downloaded,” information into Peek’s mind thereby allowing him to memorize vast volumes of information with incredible accuracy. Scalar energy is informational energy that records all action in the universe and Laurence Peek possessed that gift from God in abundance. In short, Peek’s mind was perfect, scalar energy, archival system.

Additionally, Peek was capable of calendar date calculation and could accurately describe the day of the week for any calendar date. Frequently, Peek would tell people the day of the week that their birth date fell upon with unfailing accuracy and ease. In order to explain Peek’s ability of calendar date calculation, the role of scalar energy as the underlying cause of time must first be considered. The rotation of a scalar energy Phi spiral is the cause of time. The forward rotation of a scalar energy Phi spiral will advance time; whereas, the backward rotation of a scalar energy Phi spiral will regress time. Hence, a specific calendar date in history is defined as a specific point in time that is fixed upon the continuum of a scalar energy Phi spiral. Peek’s mind could accurately calculate a calendar date by virtue of the fact that his mind could access that point in time that is fixed upon the continuum of a scalar energy Phi spiral. This is an indication that calendar date calculation is to be attributed to the accurate placement of a point in time upon the continuum of scalar energy itself. Peek’s mind possessed that very scalar energy environment.

Nikola Tesla & Scalar Energy

Nikola Tesla experimenting in his Houston Street Lab

Nikola Tesla was the greatest electrical engineering inventor and theoretician of all time as hundreds of inventions and discoveries are attributed to his genius. Scalar energy also played a significant role in Nikola Tesla’s life as an inventor and theoretician. Tesla acknowledged that scalar energy flashes of light would serve as the mental images for many of his inventions and discoveries. These supernatural flashes of light were scalar energy communications from God that afforded Tesla the insight to make so many ground-breaking discoveries in the realm of electricity as well as scalar energy. Tesla speaks of his supernatural gift of scalar energy visions by saying: “The idea came like a flash of lightning and in an instant, the truth was revealed.” On another occasion, Tesla spoke of the brilliant flashes of scalar light that he experienced which provided him the supernatural insight to invent and build motors: “The motors I build there were exactly as I imagined them. I made no attempt to improve the design, but merely reproduced the pictures as they appeared to my vision and the operation was always as I expected.”

In brief, God enlightened Tesla by way of scalar energy visions that allowed Tesla to achieve the scientific advances that no one could equal. Scalar energy provided Tesla with the supernatural insight to invent and discover to such a degree that his advances to this day remain unparalleled.

In the near-term future, mankind will awaken to the fact that scalar energy is the means in which God imparts His Wisdom upon mystics and geniuses alike. My prayer remains that God the Father will soon reveal to His children one of His, “greatest creations,” scalar energy.

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