Nikola Tesla: The Founding Father of Scalar Energy

Nikola Tesla illuminating a gas filled light bulb with Tesla Coil
Nikola Tesla illuminating a gas filled light bulb with Tesla Coil

Nikola Tesla is one of the greatest geniuses the world has ever known. The discoveries and inventions of Nikola Tesla were so far-reaching that they remain unparalleled in the world to this day. Initially, Tesla’s research was focused on alternating, electrical currents in contrast to the direct, electrical current proclivity of his day. Tesla convincingly demonstrated the greater efficacy and practicality of alternating current as opposed to direct current and fortunately his discoveries and inventions were recognized and put in to practice. Telsa’s thinking was so advanced, so sublime, that most people today still can not grasp his theories and inventions.

Tesla Theorized and Experimented with Abrupt Discharges of Electrostatic Potentials

Nikola Tesla realized that two (2) energies exist in the universe: electromagnetic energy and scalar energy. Electromagnetic energy is broadly accepted and utilized; conversely, scalar energy is poorly understood and presently disregarded. In order to prove the existence of scalar energy, Tesla theorized and experimented with abrupt discharges of electrostatic potentials that subsequently released scalar energy from the ether of the universe. In so doing, Tesla subsequently discovered a new energy: scalar energy. So profound was this discovery that Tesla abandoned his research regarding alternating, electrical currents and devoted the rest of his life in the pursuit of scalar energy, or “radiant energy,” as he termed this primal force in nature.

Rarefied and Densified Pulsations

Tesla discovered that scalar energy possessed alternating concentrations of rarefied and densified pulsations that moved along a single vector. His experiments confirmed that scalar energy could be manifested by the creation of abrupt and powerful, one-way disruptions in the ether itself. Tesla used spark gaps in conjunction with strong magnets that were placed perpendicular to the gap currents in order to quench these currents and to subsequently dissipate the high current arc as soon as it occurred. This process allowed Tesla to access scalar energy from the immediate surroundings, or ether as Tesla frequently referred to the medium of the universe. Succinctly, Telsa used a high voltage DC current power supply in order to achieve a pulsed, current surge of power in one (1) direction. This manifestation was scalar energy.

Tesla's scalar energy Colorado Springs Laboratory
Tesla’s scalar energy Colorado Springs Laboratory

In 1899, Tesla located to Colorado Springs, Colorado in order to conduct scalar energy experiments. A laboratory was constructed in conjunction with a tower that Tesla utilized to freely transmit scalar energy. The experiments proved to be successful as Tesla illuminated lamps at a distance of 25 miles by way of the wireless transmission of scalar energy. Additionally, Tesla utilized scalar energy in order to produce artificial lightning with bolts measuring over 100 feet in length. In effect, Tesla had created a local, scalar energy environment in which all of Colorado Springs was now under the influence of this new and promising energy. It was even reported that butterflies exhibited a blue halo of scalar energy around their wings as they flew within this scalar energy environment. Tesla was now convinced that scalar energy was a superior force to that of electricity and that this preferred energy would serve to vastly improve the welfare of mankind. Emboldened with this resolve, Tesla was now ready to introduce scalar energy to the world.

Consumers Would Simply Erect a Scalar Energy Antenna

Subsequently, in 1900, Tesla moved from Colorado Springs, Colorado to New York City and continued his experiments with scalar energy. A year later, Tesla initiated construction for another scalar energy project known as Wardenclyffe Tower, located near Long Island Sound. Always the altruist, Tesla wanted to provide relatively inexpensive and safe energy to the world. Tesla envisioned that the Wardenclyffe Tower would be the first of many strategically located scalar energy towers around the world that would provide scalar energy as a source of power. Consumers would simply erect a scalar energy antenna in order to receive a wireless transmission of power from this network of scalar energy towers. Despite Tesla’s best efforts, the Wardenclyffe project failed due to a lack of funding and was subsequently abandoned. In turn, the U.S. government deemed the Wardenclyffe Tower as a possible threat to national security during World War I. It was feared that spies would use the Wardenclyffe Tower as a landmark for a submarine attack against the homeland. Ultimately, Wardenclyffe Tower was dynamited on July 4, 1917, in order to diffuse that threat.

Automobile Powered by Scalar Energy

Tesla's Wardenclyffe Tower - A Scalar Energy Transmitter
Tesla’s Wardenclyffe Tower – A Scalar Energy Transmitter

Despite these setbacks, Tesla continued unperturbed with his scalar energy research in New York City by miniaturizing his instruments in order to achieve the same results that he achieved at the Colorado Springs and the Wardenclyffe laboratories. It is believed that Tesla was able to perfect the transmission of scalar energy to the point that he could power an automobile with the radiant energy of the universe. Tesla removed the combustion engine of an automobile and replaced it with a sealed engine capable of receiving scalar energy transmission. He also invented a scalar energy receiver that consisted of twelve (12) vacuum tubes and an antenna that provided the scalar energy power source for the engine. The receiver was installed inside the dashboard of the retrofitted automobile. In operation, the vehicle performed flawlessly reaching a top speed of 90 MPH without any sign of stress. Furthermore, the scalar energy engine operated without the emission of any gas or pollutant and was accordingly silent in operation.

Tesla Realized There Were Thousands of Applications For Scalar Energy

In his fertile mind, Tesla realized that there were thousands of potential applications of scalar energy in many diverse fields. One potential application was the role of scalar energy in forming a hemispherical dome of protection for a specific region or country against an enemy, aerial attack. Tesla realized that this dome of protection afforded by scalar energy would render an incoming missile or attack plane inert. His prescient notion was only recently considered by the U.S. government under the “Strategic Defense Initiative” of the Reagan administration.

Tesla Planned Scalar Energy as the Preferred Carrier Wave for all Telecommunications

Tesla also planned to utilize scalar energy as the preferred carrier wave for all telecommunications, thus supplanting the much inferior radio and microwave frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum used today. Scalar energy signals do not experience entropy and interference as do radio and microwave signals commonly utilized today. Cell phones, satellite dishes, TV, radio, wireless computer networks, and other telecommunications devices would achieve greater clarity of transmission without signal loss by utilizing scalar energy as the carrier wave.

Upon reflection later in life, Tesla remarked: “This new power (scalar energy) for the driving of the world’s machinery will be derived from the energy which operates the universe, the cosmic energy, whose central source for the earth is the sun and which is everywhere present in unlimited quantities.” Tesla’s observation was correct, as it is the Sun of our solar system as well as the stars of the universe that produce a never-ending supply of scalar energy that permeates the universe.

Tesla’s discoveries and inventions have provided the seminal foothold that was necessary to introduce scalar energy to the world. Now, mankind must acknowledge and embrace scalar energy as one of God the Father’s, “greatest creations,” as Tesla did during his lifetime. One day, in the near-future, scalar energy will serve to free mankind from so much suffering and toil and ultimately herald, “new heaven and a new earth.” Revelation 21, 1.

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