Herpes Infection Testimonial

I have been utilizing scalar energy in order to disassemble or unbind the herpes virus, the causative agent of the herpes infection.

Herpes Simplex Virus TEM
On this page you will read the testimonial of a person who was successfully treated for herpes infection by way of the scalar energy pathogen cleanse in May 2013.

Subsequent to the pathogen cleanse all symptoms of the herpes infection have ceased and have never returned.

Scalar energy quickly and painlessly disassembled the herpes virus and relieved this individual from over thirty (30) years of suffering. As a fundamental force in nature, scalar energy is capable of disassembling any pathogen thereby presenting to mankind the cure for all pathogenic disease. My focus remains to introduce scalar energy to mankind as a great gift from God that will serve to greatly enhance the welfare of mankind.

Herpes Infection Testimonial

“I started with a one month treatment of scalar energy. At the time I felt generally not well, and very tired. I had just had a huge outbreak of herpes on both my upper and lower lips.

Within two days of receiving the scalar treatments, my energy kicked on! It was a very quick “jump start”! And within a week, my sleep improved. Then I noticed the beginning of a new herpes lesion. But amazingly, within a couple days it actually went away and did not progress as had always been the case.

A week later I noticed that I had the familiar nerve “tingle” on my upper lip. That was usually the precursor to a lesion developing within a day. To my great surprise, no lesion developed at all! And since then, I’ve noticed that my mind seems clearer and I continue to sleep much better. 5 stars!!” mcb

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Note: To date, after more than thirty (30) years of herpes infection, all symptoms associated with the viral infection in the above individual have disappeared. Furthermore, the skin has recovered without any sign of a herpes lesion. This individual was not taking any type of medication while the scalar energy treatments were being administered in order to disassemble the herpes virus.

The Sun in our solar system as well as the stars of the universe are the origin of scalar energy. Scalar energy possesses an infinite number of harmonics and is responsible for the physical geometry of the universe. One particular harmonic of scalar energy is responsible for assembling the geometry of one physical form. All physical objects can either be assembled or disassembled by way of scalar energy. Scalar energy is also capable of disassembling pathogens thereby eliminating the underlying cause of pathogenic disease.

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