Pathogenic Cleanse Breakthrough for Herpes and Candida

Herpes Simplex Virus TEM
Herpes Virus disassembled via scalar energy treatments[/caption]Clients on the pathogenic cleanse treatments experienced a breakthrough for herpes and candida this week! The pathogenic cleanse treatments are now more efficient in destroying virus, bacteria, protozoan and fungi. I have upgraded the scalar energy pathogenic cleanse and the results are proving to be favorable in alleviating discomfort and suffering from Candida Albicans and Herpes Simplex.

People with candida and herpes, recently treated with the pathogen cleanse, are expressing their delight!

Positive Report About Virus and Candida

“Before this, I saw the warts fall off and felt that candida was being killed
because of some symptoms that I felt; but, suddenly today, it is like it has
all stepped up to the next level and I actually feel the difference.”

Additional Comment Refers to Reverse Aging

“I am so excited today! I don’t mean to sound silly, but suddenly today,
the skin on my hands and face just seems so much smoother and softer.
I haven’t done anything different than normal, but my hands feel almost
silky and look younger. That change happened suddenly. I get really
excited because I know that when I see things on the outside, I know that
even more good stuff is happening on the inside. It is kind of like some of
the aging is reversing.”

Results I Tabulated from the More Efficient Pathogenic Cleanse

  1. Skin warts are shrinking in size and falling off the body due to the disassembling of viruses.
  2. Sinuses are clearing due to the disassembling of bacteria and fungi inside the sinus cavities.
  3. Fever blisters associated with herpes are disappearing in people who have been infected with the herpes virus for over twenty (20) years.
  4. Pimples, carbuncles and blackheads are clearing as bacteria and fungi are disassembled.
  5. Yeast infection and its symptoms disappear as Candida albicans and other fungi are disassembled and eliminated from the human body.
  6. Skin tone is smoother and clearer as scalar energy assembles essential nutrients at the cellular level.
  7. Sleep is deeper and more meaningful as chakras are balanced and harmonized.

Candida Albicans disassembled via scalar energy[/caption]The scalar energy pathogenic cleanse upgrade is a breakthrough in the fight against infectious disease. The positive and lasting results experienced by many people in treating the herpes virus and Candida albicans (yeast infection) are a testimony to the efficiency of scalar energy to disassemble and eliminate pathogens from the human body.

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