Scalar Energy Testimonial – Warts & Candida

Today, we have a testimonial about Human Papilloma warts and Candida Albicans being disassembled via scalar energy.

Scalar energy is a fundamental force in nature responsible for assembling and disassembling matter. Scalar energy is produced by the Sun in our solar system as well as the stars of the universe: It is the Life Force of the Cosmos.

Human Papiloma Virus TEM

I utilize a scalar energy instrument whereby I am able to disassemble viruses, fungi, bacteria, and protozoan by way of scalar energy.

To that end, I am able to disassemble viruses that cause warts thereby causing the wart to shrink in size and to eventually fall off the skin in many cases. Furthermore, I am also able to disassemble Candida albicans as well as other fungi that are the underlying causes of yeast infection. By disassembling a fungus, the symptoms associated with that fungal infection weaken over time and completely abate.

Candida Albicans TEM. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

Below is a testimonial of a person who suffered from warts as well as yeast infection caused by the fungus, Candida albicans. After treating this person with scalar energy, warts eventually fell off the skin. Additionally, the yeast infection was palliated as the pathogenic fungi responsible for the condition were disassembled and subsequently eliminated from the body.

My goal is to introduce scalar energy to mankind as a means to disassemble pathogens, thereby opening the door for the solution for all pathogenic diseases. Once scalar energy is acknowledged and embraced as, “one of God’s greatest creations,” then the welfare of mankind will significantly improve. Please help me to introduce scalar energy healing to mankind. Thank you.

Wart and Candida Testimonial

Dearest Tom,

I am so excited today! I don’t mean to sound silly, but suddenly today, the skin on my hands and face just seems so much smoother and softer. I haven’t done anything different than normal, but my hands feel almost silky and look younger. That change happened suddenly.

I get really excited because I know that when I see things on the outside, I know that even more good stuff is happening on the inside. It is kind of like some of the aging is reversing.

Maybe aging has a lot to do with not having enough good stuff on the inside and also having a build-up of years of virus, fungus, etc. But these treatments are changing all of that.

Like I mentioned before, I have always remained a healthy and active person; however, I was starting to see some changes that I just didn’t like. (I am 58). The thing is–your treatments are reversing those changes; therefore, I know that my body is getting a renewal.

As of today, I also felt energetic again. I mean, I really did not feel the need for any extra coffee, etc. I felt good like when I was younger. I am just excited about this. I hope I can encourage others to try it out.

For me, this is about week 5. Before this, I saw the warts fall off and felt that Candida was being killed because of some symptoms that I felt; but, suddenly today, it is like it has all stepped up to the next level and I actually feel the difference.

I am so glad that I decided to get another set of treatments. I really believe that I needed this and I am so thankful for it. Thank you so much. I will keep you updated!!!

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