Female Hormone Testimony via Scalar Light

Scalar Light assembles the female hormone progesterone in the human body.

Scalar light is a fundamental energy in the universe that is responsible for the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical phenomenon throughout the universe. All physical matter in the universe is assembled by way of scalar energy.

That is, scalar energy serves as light instructions for physical matter to assemble and assume a geometric form. Accordingly, the human body is assembled and maintained by way of scalar energy. Hence, a perfect human body is achieved when scalar energy is present in an unmitigated capacity. That is, when a human body is immersed in an unmitigated, scalar energy field, a perfect soul, mind and body are realized.

Phi Spiral of Scalar Energy from a pyramid - scalar energy assumes the shape of a double helix as it emanates from a tesla coil covered by a pyramid.
Phi Spiral of Scalar Energy from a pyramid – scalar energy assumes the shape of a double helix as it emanates from a tesla coil covered by a pyramid.

There are seven (7) chakras of the human body that are composed of scalar energy. In specific, a chakra is a scalar energy processing point in which scalar energy instructions are imparted upon the human soul, mind and body. The chakras are responsible for many spiritual, mental, emotional and physical functions of the human body.

In particular, the chakras are responsible for the hormonal production and equilibrium in both men and women. Hence, scalar energy is the underlying cause that provides the instructions for chakras to produce and maintain the proper hormonal equilibrium in the human body.

Below is a testimonial of a woman who experienced a significant improvement in her sleep pattern as well as her emotional state from the scalar energy female hormone therapy. A combination of four (4) scalar energy treatments were administered on a regular basis over the course of a 30-day period that were subsequently responsible for the dramatic improvement in sleep and temperament.

Female Hormone Treatments via Scalar Light

  • A scalar energy pathogenic cleanse that disassembles bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoan that infect the human body. Once the underlying cause of a pathogenic infection has been disassembled, the symptoms of that disease weaken and sometimes disappear entirely.
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  • A scalar energy nutrient therapy that assembles vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals, antioxidants and fatty acids inside the human body. Each cell inside the human body assembles the essential nutrients that are necessary for optimal mental and physical health.
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  • A scalar energy chakra alignment that harmonizes and balances the seven (7) chakras of the human body. Mental and emotional health are significantly benefited once the seven (7) chakras have been properly aligned.
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  • A scalar light female hormone therapy that assembles female hormones inside the human body. Each cell inside the human body assembles female hormones that are necessary for the optimal mental and physical health of women.

As a fundamental force in nature, scalar energy affords the means to correct hormonal imbalances in both men and women thereby improving the quality of life for many.

It is my goal to introduce scalar energy to mankind in order to improve the quality of life for millions of people throughout the world. I ask the people of the world to acknowledge and embrace scalar energy as a great gift from God. Thank you.

Female Hormone Testimony

Dear Tom,

What can I say other than what you have done for me is nothing short of a miracle. It was almost a full year that I had not slept more than a few hours. You started working on me and I now have no trouble sleeping at night. I fall asleep easily and stay asleep! I am back to the Happy Person I was . . . I was so miserable all those months of not sleeping I cannot tell you how thankful I am. . . Beyond amazing and I am so grateful. You have a most amazing God given Gift.

Many Blessings to you!

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