Relief from Chronic Illness via Scalar Energy Sessions

The Ark of the Covenant Emanates Scalar Energy The Divine Light
The Ark of the Covenant Emanates Scalar Energy The Divine Light
Relief from chronic illness is now possible with scalar energy treatments using the pathogen cleanse, the nutrient therapy and the chakra balance /alignment.

Below is a testimonial of an individual who suffered a chronic illness and experienced a significant improvement in mental, emotional and physical well-being by way of the scalar energy treatments. Three (3) scalar energy treatments were administered over the course of thirty (30) days that served to produce this improvement in health. The three (3) scalar energy treatments are listed below:

Scalar Energy Treatments Provide Relief from Chronic Illness

  1. A scalar energy pathogenic cleanse that disassembles bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoan that infect the human body. Once the underlying cause of a pathogenic infection has been disassembled, the symptoms of that disease weaken and sometimes disappear entirely.
  2. A scalar energy nutrient therapy that assembles vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals, antioxidants and fatty acids inside the human body. Each cell inside the human body assembles the essential nutrients that are necessary for optimal mental and physical health.
  3. A scalar energy chakra alignment that harmonizes and balances the seven (7) chakras of the human body. Mental and emotional health are significantly benefited once the seven (7) chakras have been properly aligned.

Scalar energy offers great hope to transform chronic illness and improve the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of mankind. My heartfelt desire is to introduce this fundamental force in nature in order to alleviate so much suffering and early or unwarranted death. Once scalar energy is acknowledged and embraced as a gift from God, then mankind will stand to benefit in hitherto unimagined ways.

Testimony – Relief From Chronic Illness

Scalar Energy aligns the 7 chakra of the body
Scalar Energy aligns the 7 chakra of the body
My eczema ridden skin has cleared up. I had given up hope that I would ever find relief. I still have a few random red places on my hands that have been there for a long time but the wrists and insides of the elbows are smooth. There is a luster and sheen to my face and hands that a few days ago were dry and scaly. I don’t itch like crazy anymore. It’s happened pretty well over-night. During the first few days of treatments I had some digestive disturbance and after that I have had no more sugar cravings. I felt an unusual surge throughout my right side. Subsequent treatments gave me a peaceful feeling together with more energy. I had been very tired for a very long time. Now I’m thinking I can actually finish some big projects that have been hanging around.

My sinus and breathing is better. My eyes are no longer dry. Digestion is better. I’ve continued to have more energy and I have felt happy and at times euphoric. Everyone is telling me I look good and they are used to seeing me suffer from skin disease.

My knees are better. At first I thought this isn’t working for my knees but I looked at them about 5 days after beginning treatment and saw that about half the swelling had gone down. I am still limping from sciatic pain but it’s not as acute.

I found a chiropractor at the same time as these treatments and have improved about 50%.

This healing has been gentle and profound. I never appreciated being poked with needles or having to drink bitter herbs or take toxic drugs. Being treated with scalar energy has been the most positive, natural and beautiful healing process I have ever experienced. I cannot describe how I am floating on a cloud but able to do more work at the same time.

I don’t know what else to say but thank you Tom.

Scalar energy is the perfect information system of the universe. As a fundamental force in nature, scalar energy communicates information amongst all objects in the universe.

All prayers, thoughts, emotions and physical action are scalar energy emanations. Scalar energy does not weaken over the course of time or distance, hence, the information that is communicated is eternal and can not be interfered with.

Furthermore, scalar energy possesses an infinite number of harmonics, therefore, this profound communication system is capable of infinite expression as well as infinite memory.

Scalar energy allows the human soul, mind and body to communicate with itself as well as the universe and it is the superior information system as compared to that of the electromagnetic system. Scalar energy is capable of balancing, harmonizing and unifying the human soul, mind and body thereby correcting many spiritual, mental, emotional and physical conditions. That is, a body immersed in a consummate and unmitigated scalar energy environment will achieve a perfect spiritual, mental, emotional and physical state of being. Scalar energy brings the human soul, mind and body to perfection.

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The scalar healing sessions are done remotely using your photograph to connect with you. There are 3 options for scalar sessions:

  1. You as an individual
  2. You and one other as a Couple
  3. You and a group of 3, 4, 5, 7

You can click here or on the banner below to get started. After payment, you will receive an email requesting your photograph. Submit your photograph and Tom Paladino will begin the sessions. You will receive scalar sessions 7 days each week over 30 days. These sessions consist of a Pathogen Cleanse, a Nutritional Therapy and a Chakra Balance. Please refer to the FAQ page to see more details.

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