Feline Pathogen Cleanse Testimony

A feline pathogen cleanse testimony; the cat experienced a significant improvement in physical well-being by way of the scalar energy treatments. Three scalar energy treatments, the standard scalar sessions, were administered and were responsible for the speedy recovery of the cat from pathogenic infection. The three (3) scalar energy treatments are listed below:

Scalar Energy Treatments for a Cat Suffering from a Pathogenic Infection

  1. A scalar energy pathogenic cleanse that disassembles bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoan that infect an animal body. Once the underlying cause of a pathogenic infection has been disassembled, the symptoms of that disease weaken and sometimes disappear entirely.
  2. A scalar energy nutrient therapy that assembles vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals, antioxidants and fatty acids inside an animal body. Each cell inside an animal body assembles the essential nutrients that are necessary for optimal mental and physical health.
  3. A scalar energy chakra alignment that harmonizes and balances the chakras of an animal body. Mental and emotional health are significantly benefited once the chakras have been properly aligned.

Feline Recovered from Infection

I am a kitty and my human is submitting this for me, but this is a sincere testimonial.

I went to the vet with a tummy ache and they found pancreatitis…my blood was so thick they couldn’t spin it and I had terrible infections in my blood…the next thing that happened was my platelet count dropped so low that I was in danger of bleeding out…they put me in a scary cage in the hospital and I missed my family…they also gave me some very hazardous antibiotics that my family didn’t really want me to have…they were way too harsh for kitties…but a few hours after Tom’s treatments, they ran another blood test and the doctor said, “why is this kitty on this horrible antibiotic? there is no infection present to warrant this?”

I was covered with bruises from all the tests and not feeling good at all in that hospital, so my family decided to bring me home and let LOVE do the rest of the work…they found a homeopathic vet who prescribed one remedy along with Tom’s treatments…two years later I am happy and alive and just celebrated my 13th birthday. but in all honesty I almost didn’t make it…

I’m so glad to be alive because my humans really need me…thank you TOM for helping me get well…purr purr purr!

Two Energies in the Universe!

Double-Helix Nebula Assembled and Maintained via Scalar Energy
Double-Helix Nebula Assembled and Maintained via Scalar Energy

There are two (2) energies in the universe: Scalar energy and electromagnetic energy. Scalar energy originates from the Sun in our solar system as well as the stars of the universe as these celestial bodies constantly transmit this primal force throughout the cosmos. Scalar energy was created when God declared: Be light made. Genesis 1:3

Scalar energy serves as the instructions for all physical matter to form. It is scalar energy that assembles, maintains and provides the geometry for all physical matter in the universe. Accordingly, the scalar energy in-phase angle harmonic will serve to assemble physical matter, whereas, the scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic will serve to disassemble physical matter. It is scalar energy that brings order out of chaos in the universe.

Scalar energy assumes the shape of a double-helix. The length of this double-helix is 1.618…times greater than the width for each cycle of the phi spiral. Hence, the numerical value, 1.618…or phi, is incorporated in to the scalar energy wave and this paradigm is found throughout nature. That is, there are countless examples in nature that incorporate the numerical value of 1.618…or phi in its design, maintenance and propagation. Scalar energy is the, Creative Strength, of God.

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