Standardized Scalar Light Sessions

Scalar energy disassembles the bacterium, ACINETOBACTER BAUMANII that infects the human body.

Standardized scalar light sessions serve to improve the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of everyone. I offer three (3) standardized, scalar light protocols that will serve to improve the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of everyone regardless of their medical condition, age, gender, race, living environment, diet, genetic predisposition, comprehension of the scalar light sessions or current health practices.

Scalar light originates from the Sun in our solar system as well as the stars of the universe, thus, scalar energy is a natural, clean and a near-infinite supply of energy. Everyone experiences scalar light on a daily basis as this form of energy pervades the universe and is not impeded by any physical structure such as a home, office building or school. Thus, the earth is saturated with scalar energy at every moment and human life is dependent upon this Life Force. Succinctly, scalar energy is a fundamental force in nature that has a profound and constant effect on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical state of everyone.

The three (3) standardized scalar light protocols are:

Standardized Scalar Light Protocols

  • A scalar light pathogenic cleanse that disassembles bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoans that infect an animal body. Once the underlying cause of a pathogenic infection has been disassembled, the symptoms of that disease weaken and sometimes disappear entirely. The pathogenic cleanse is received for one (1) hour, each day.
  • Scalar energy assembles the amino acid, ARGININE, inside the human body. Image Source: WikiMedia


  • A scalar light nutrient program that assembles vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytochemicals, antioxidants and fatty acids inside an animal body. Each cell inside an animal body assembles the essential nutrients that are necessary for optimal mental and physical health. The nutrient therapy is received for twenty-two (22) hours, each day.
  • A scalar light chakra alignment that harmonizes and balances the chakras of an animal body. Mental and emotional health are significantly benefited once the chakras have been properly aligned. The chakra balance is received for one (1) hour, day each.
  • Scalar Light Harmonizes and Balances the Chakra

    Scalar light harmonizes and balances the 7 chakras.

    Many people do not feel the actual administration of scalar light as this type of light session is very subtle when it is administered by way of my scalar energy instrument. However, the health benefits are immediate as the scalar light sessions begin to improve the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health of everyone in some fashion.

    The standardized, scalar light sessions are administered seven (7) times a week as consistency is the crucial factor in order to improve human health. Healing takes time and the response to these scalar light sessions will vary from one person to another. The standardized, scalar light sessions offer great hope to overcome thousands of diseases and thus improve the quality of life for everyone.

    For your part please eat nutritious food, drink clean water, exercise in moderation, follow sound medical advice, pray or meditate, obtain sufficient sleep and rest and live a happy, goal-oriented life. Your health is your responsibility and prudent action on your part will ensure optimal spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health throughout your life. God bless you.

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    The scalar healing sessions are done remotely using your photograph to connect with you. Are you curious? Register for the 15-day Trial. When you are ready to purchase, there are 3 options for the remote scalar sessions:

    1.You as an individual
    2.You and one other as a Couple
    3.You and a group of 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

    You can click here or on the banner below to get started. Select Single Month, Recurring Subscription or 12 Month Prepaid remote scalar energy sessions. 12 Month Prepaid scalar sessions are deeply discounted for long term use. Recurring subscription is also discounted for long-term use. A minimum of four (4) months or a maximum of indefinitely. Recurring subscription and 12 Month Prepaid users will upload the photograph(s) one time and we keep it until the recurring subscription is canceled or the 12 months have passed. After payment, you will be taken immediately to the photo upload page. Single month users will upload their photos every 30 days. Scalar sessions are broadcast 7 days each week over 30 days. The standard scalar session consists of a Pathogen Cleanse, a Nutritional Program, and a Chakra Balance. Please refer to the FAQ page to see more details. By purchasing you agree to our Terms and Conditions including our no-refund policy. SCALARLIGHT.COM and dba Tom Paladino has a no-refund policy for all scalar energy services. All Sales are FINAL.

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