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Prayer NetworkPlease join us in building a prayer network. If you have a favorite prayer network or circle you work with let us know and we’ll add them here to the Prayer Network resource page.

Leave the web site and name of the group you favor in the comments.

Consistent prayer is an excellent way to expand scalar energy to your loved ones far and wide.

The Natural Properties of bio-Scalar Energy by E.F. Block

Scalar energy does not radiate like waves as most traditional energy forms do. Instead, it expands outwards in radiating circles of energy that fill the environment. It is unbounded and capable of passing through solid matter with no loss of intensity. Scalar energy has the capacity to carry information at a distance without decay. Scalar energy can regenerate and repair itself indefinitely. It implants its signature on solid objects. This property is particularly useful to those engaged in the healing modalities of Informational Medicine.

Margaret Durbin (alleged messages from God the Father)

Margaret Durbin’s Blog

New Time Prayers Blog

Book: God the Father’s Fourteen Prayers: His New Covenant, His 20 New Commandments, His New Seals, and His Revelations for the True New Time

Elisha’s Bread Ministry

Email Elisha’s Bread

Music and Intercessory Prayer Ministry for Healing Dedicated and Consecrated to Our Lady, The Mystical Rose. Original music composed by Marianne Mastropolo

Musical Selections from The Mystical Rose CD

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