Scalar Energy Examples in Everyday Life

Snow flake crystals, example of scalar energy in everyday life.

Scalar energy examples surround us in everyday life. Scalar energy pervades the universe and is eternal. The Sun in our solar system, as well as the stars of the universe, create scalar energy.

There are two (2) types of energy: electromagnetic energy and scalar energy. Electromagnetic energy is the spectrum of energy that most people are familiar with as this energy is broadly utilized by modern-day society. Our computers, TVs, home lighting, cell phones, refrigerators and other household appliances utilize energy from the electromagnetic spectrum.

Scalar energy is not utilized by modern-day society as this form of energy remains unacknowledged. Nonetheless, examples of scalar energy abound and this serves to call attention to the veracity of this primal force in nature.

Scalar energy is created by the stars and this energy is responsible for the incredible light and heat exhibited by these celestial bodies. All life originates from the scalar light produced by the Sun in our universe as well as that of the stars of the universe. Without scalar light there would be no life.

Scalar energy assumes the configuration of a double-helix Phi spiral. This form of energy does not experience entropy as there is no force in nature that weakens its strength or propagation. Furthermore, scalar energy transcends time and space and is the carrier wave for time itself.

Furthermore, scalar energy provides the instructions for physical matter to assemble and assume a geometric pattern. Accordingly, all physical forms in the universe derive their structure and geometry from the scalar light of our Sun in our solar system and that of the stars of the universe. In short, scalar energy is the blueprint for all physical matter.

Scalar energy is responsible for the formation of DNA and the human body is thus programmed pursuant to the information contained within the Phi spiral of scalar energy. Scalar energy carries the information necessary to instruct the formation and maintenance of DNA in all life forms. In turn, DNA instructs all cellular molecules. In summation, the information contained within the carrier wave of scalar energy programs all DNA which in turn serve as the instructions for all biological processes.

Scalar energy also serves to assemble every snowflake and provides the beautiful geometry for these frozen ice crystals. As snowflakes form, it is the informational input of scalar energy that is responsible for giving the shape and structure to these water droplets. As the water droplet freezes, a scalar energy harmonic forms a unique geometry for each snowflake. All snowflakes are unique as scalar energy provides unique formative instructions for each droplet of water as it freezes.

Thinking is another example of scalar energy in our every day lives, as all thoughts are scalar energy manifestations. It is scalar energy that allows people to think, reason, deduce, imagine and create. The human brain processes thoughts which are scalar energy harmonics; hence, scalar energy is the carrier wave that is capable of an infinite number of harmonics that represent an infinite number of thoughts. Succinctly, thinking is a phenomenon in which the human brain interprets the information contained in each specific scalar energy harmonic.

Scalar energy is the underlying cause for all-weather phenomenon. Clouds are formed by scalar energy and subsequently the amount of precipitation is directly related to the activity of scalar energy in the atmosphere. An in-phase scalar harmonic will cause clouds to assemble due to its centripetal force thus resulting in precipitation. A reverse-phase scalar harmonic will cause clouds to disassemble due to its centrifugal force thus resulting in a lack of precipitation. Ultimately, the weather will be controlled by scalar energy instruments to the benefit of mankind. In the future, it will be possible to reverse droughts and to prevent floods by way of scalar energy.

One, final example of scalar energy in everyday life is that of the circadian rhythm which regulates many biological processes. There are a group of cells in the hypothalamus known as the suprachiasmatic nucleus that regulates hormonal activity, sleep, body temperature, bowel movements, etc. Specifically, it is scalar energy that provides the informational input or instructions that are necessary for the suprachiasmatic nucleus to regulate the human body. It is scalar energy that is the ultimate source for all instructions responsible for all types of circadian rhythms.

Scalar energy is a First Principle, a direct expression from God. As a primal force in nature, scalar energy is responsible for the geometry of the universe and the examples of this subtle light are infinite.

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