Nikolai A. Kozyrev – Russian Scalar Energy Researcher

The seven (7) chakras are seven (7) scalar energy processing points that process and broadcast scalar energy to the soul, mind, and body. Thus, the chakras serve to impart scalar energy instructions upon our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical dimensions. Conclusively, all prayers, thoughts, emotions and physical actions are scalar energy manifestations or expressions.

Dr. Nikolai A. Kozyrev scalar energy researcher.
Dr. Nikolai A. Kozyrev scalar energy researcher.
The Russian scalar energy researcher, Nikolai A. Kozyrev understood how scalar energy is such an integral part of the universe. For instance, Kozyrev discovered that scalar energy was a phi spiral or a double-helix phase conjugated wave and that this phi spiral was the natural and most efficient pattern for growth.

Specifically, scalar energy is a spiraling form of energy responsible for imparting the phi pattern upon all life forms. The progression of growth in the universe is a phi spiral or a Fibonacci spiral. Scalar energy is the, Creative Strength, of the universe.

Scalar energy PHI Spiral emanating from a pyramid.
Scalar energy PHI Spiral emanating from a pyramid.
The phi spiral of scalar energy carries information, hence, scalar energy is an intelligent energy. Every prayer, thought, emotion or physical action is a broadcast of scalar energy; hence, our spiritual, mental, emotional and physical state is to be attributed to scalar energy as the animating force responsible for all action. It is scalar energy, the Life Force, that gives life to the universe.

Throughout his illustrious career as a scalar energy scientist, Nikolai Kozyrev work and research lead him to formulate the following conclusions:

Discoveries of Nikolai Kozyrev

  1. Scalar energy serves as the carrier wave for human emotion
  2. Scalar energy is the cause of time
  3. Scalar energy is the cause of gravity
  4. Scalar energy is capable of superluminal velocity
  5. Scalar energy is the archival system of the universe

Eminent scalar energy scientists such as Nikolai Kozyrez have confirmed that scalar energy is indeed the Life Force of the universe and is responsible for creating a more perfect mental and emotional equilibrium in people. As my research continues, I hope to be able to continue to improve upon this modality thereby bringing greater mental and emotional healing to people.


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