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Welcome to remote scalar energy healing sessions! We are happy to have you with us. There are 3 things you must do to participate in the remote scalar sessions.

  1. Purchase the sessions -(Shopping Cart)
  2. Subscribe to receive the session emails
  3. Email or upload your photo(s)

When You Purchase from the Shopping Cart

When you purchase from the Shopping Cart and use your credit card you will receive a receipt with the subscribe link to the remote scalar energy session email notices. Once you subscribe, you will receive the FIRST email that instructs you where to email your photo. In addition, there are other links in the email to inform you about the remote scalar energy sessions.

When you Purchase from Paypal

If you use Paypal, you may not receive the receipt with instruction to subscribe. We see those paid Paypal receipts in our inbox and reply back to you thanking you and include instructions to subscribe and email your photo. If you do not receive that reply email from us, go to your receipt from Paypal and reply back to Tom requesting a subscribe link.

Why You Should Subscribe

It’s important to subscribe because Tom Paladino delivers a scalar session, then writes about the scalar session and emails the session notices 4-6 days weekly. I post it and broadcast it to your email address.

Our email system runs on a 30 day time frame. The day you subscribe to the remote scalar session list starts the clock ticking. There are 4 automated emails that are preloaded into the 30-day time period.

  1. Welcome email
  2. Half-way point
  3. Are you healthier?
  4. 30 Days Have Come to an End

If you can subscribe to the remote scalar session list and email your photo on the same day, this is the best possible scenario. Because your photo and your emails will be timed exactly the same.

Unique Email Address

Each subscription must use a unique email address. When you fill out the form, the name you place in the form is the name that will be addressed in the remote scalar session notice. If your email subscription is for all 5 of your group members, it is understood that all five members received the scalar session. If each member desires to have a scalar session notice in his/her own name, then each member must fill out the subscribe form independently and use a unique email address. The same email with different names associated with it will not work. Each subscription is connected to a unique email address.

The Remote Scalar Energy Sessions

The remote scalar sessions begin upon receipt of your photo. Not when you purchase and not when you subscribe to the email list. The scalar sessions begin when we receive your photo! If you subscribe to the remote scalar session email list and email your photo on the same day the timing of the emails will correlate with the scalar session timing of 30 days.

Group Members

The FIRST email you receive after subscribing contains the subscribe link for your members. We instruct you to forward the email to your members so they can subscribe to receive the scalar energy session emails. We can not subscribe your members.

You are asked to email your member names and email to us. The information is for our records of your group. We do not subscribe your members. We have an agreement with our email software company that our clients will subscribe themselves. The agreement supports the internet Can-SPAM Act.

Upload Your Photo

Benefits of Uploading Your Photographs

The first email you receive after subscribing will ask you to upload your photo at a specific web site. The good news; once your photo is uploaded, it’s there forever until you delete it.

If you wish to remain on the remote scalar sessions month-to-month, you return to the site and add a session. That means you click your mouse on the field that says Start Session on and choose today’s date.

This starts the scalar session timer and the session runs for 33 days. Your photo will be downloaded from the site and placed into the instrument. You are done! No more emailing your photo every month.

You may also pause your session. If you wish to have your photograph removed from the scalar instrument, you go to the site and click on the box that says Pause Session.

When you first register and upload your photograph, you will receive an email that says Congratulations – you have been registered successfully. Open the email and you will see your log in information. Keep the email in a safe place.

Unsubscribe When Your 30 Days are Finished

It’s a good idea to unsubscribe at the end of your 30 day remote scalar energy healing session. You might get the same link to subscribe again from the vendor you purchased your program from and even from us. Many people repeat the remote scalar energy sessions month-after-month and it’s a possibility, you will use the same subscribe link once or more. When you receive the 30 Days Have Passed email, open it and scroll to the end of the email. You will see the UNSUBSCRIBE link – just click it. Clicking the link will remove you from the list.


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