Psoriasis Relief from Pathogen Cleanse

Hi Tom!

I did not have psoriasis in my childhood. It came after a major trauma when I was 38 (a court trial).

Over the years I have tried a number of Cures, but the psoriasis always recurred. This spring it was worse than ever, after trying 2 homeopathic remedies and 1 School medicine pills.

I have been treated for 2 years With Quantum Medicine (Scio Machine), and my therapist said that the problems are deficiency in minerals, and too many pathogens in the body, especially candida. She had noticed that in psoriasis, candida is always involved + 2 other pathogens, working well in tandem. I have had treatments for 2 years, 2 hours a month, but it is not enough to get rid of the candida as it hides in corners and organs in the body.

I decided to pause this treatment for a while in early spring. The therapist also had problems cleansing my lymph system.

In May, I decided to try a healing Method called Life-Alignment, New in Norway, but known in other countries, UK, South Africa ,Israel.

I had 3 treatments in May and June, I did not see any improvement.

Clear hands from psoriasis condition via remote scalar energy pathogen cleanse.
Psoriasis relief via pathogen cleanse.
I began scalar sessions With you Tom at the beginning of July. I don’t remember how I came across Your name on the net. We had booked a holiday trip to Ireland at the end of July but I could barely walk on my sore, swollen feet. It looked like that we had to cancel the trip.

But after only 1 week of sessions, I was much better. And I could see the improvements from week to week.

My mood improved , too. There was light at the end of the tunnel. And we had a wonderful round trip to Ireland.

Now I`ve had 4 months of Your scalar sessions, and the psoriasis that is left is a little patch on the left elbow. See Picture.

I have a New life now.

Every year the psoriasis blossomed at Autumn and Winter. Now it is November, and there is no sign of it on hands and legs.

I found the Life-Alignment system interesting, so I enrolled the basic course in August. Of course, the trial came up, and the feeling that connected to and brought about the psoriasis was “abandoned.” The emotion I thought was connected to this was “powerless” against the system. But the “abandoned” is a more basic emotion, I think, and yes, I stood alone , there was no one to help/support me.

Candida is related to the emotion “abandoned,” I came across this somewhere on the net. Interesting. . .

Later I found out that I had a blockage in my lymph system, and the emotion connected to this was “judged.”

I booked a session With my therapist With the Scio machine, 21 of November, to check Things Out.

-voltage in cells could be better(have been low)
-PH nice
-much more oxygen in the body
-much, much less pathogens in the body
-only 2 active candidas in my blood (4 before)
-balanced my liver
-lymph system easy to clear
-still mineral deficiency

So I have decided to continue the Scio treatments, 4 times a year. And also your scalar sessions , maybe after another month, as a body maintenance.

My therapist was interested in Your web site, and she got the information. She has very good results With the Scio machine, People come from far away. I have been her worst case of psoriasis. You treated my Family in October, my sister has had a recurrent infection in the nose. She can “smell” it when it comes. Antibiotics does not Cure it. Fortunately, this occurred in October, and she noticed that the infection/inflammation vanished. She was thrilled.

You can see on the photos that my skin has scars from psoriasis and also too much cortisone ointments. It is more red than normal skin, but no psoriasis. HALLELUJAHH!!

Blessings (and hug, too)
from Norway

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