Chronic Illness and Scalar Sessions – My Experience So Far

Like many people trying to heal chronic illness, I exhausted conventional avenues, and then searched for answers in non-traditional approaches. I have been through my share of chronic illness…cancer twice, liver problems from the loss of most of my liver, broken bones, bacterial infections from blood transfusions, toxic medications, car accident, a heart disorder, hospital contracted staph, and unrelieved grief caused by the loss of many loved ones too fast. A friend I trusted introduced me to Scalar Wave therapy and Tom Paladino. Because of Tom’s kind response to my letter, and his careful scientific approach, I decided to invest hope one more time and give scalar a chance.

Immediately I found myself confronting a tidal wave of the painful, self-sabotaging thought patterns rooted in place by illness and grief of long duration: I can’t heal. It works for others, but not me. Nothing ever works for me. I can’t change my thinking. It’s karma. I’ll never get better. I should give up. It’s my fate. It’s my genes. Even that sneaky one from early childhood…God is punishing me. And the worst, beating myself up for being negative. Oh, like that really helps!

Dr. Robert Lanza

Phew! How can health happen with a mindset like that? I’ve kept up with the cutting edge research on the interface of consciousness with matter and DNA. I am particularly excited by the work of Dr. Robert Lanza who is gathering evidence demonstrating how consciousness generates matter, and indeed the Universe we live in.

Emotions And Health And A Worn Out Brain

Dr. Candace Pert

Exciting, yes, but it presents a dilemma. If my negative thoughts can sustain chronic illness, then to heal, I must counter them with positive thoughts. Dr. Candace Pert proved that the impact of physical and emotional trauma, when unhealed, can train the brain to be best at producing neurochemicals that generate negative emotions.

After a long period of chronic illness coupled with depression or despair, the brain’s ability to produce positive emotion chemicals becomes dormant. Sort of like use it or lose it. Our neurochemical environment loses the ability to produce and experience emotions essential to healing – hope, faith, trust, patience, serenity, courage, peace, and more.

Breaking The Cycle

I needed something to break the cycle. And here is where I credit scalar. I have been receiving treatments now for six months. I actually did have hope under all that negativity, because I stuck with it, and I was able to trust my friend. Tom is the first one to say that there is much about Scalar we do not yet understand, and how it improves emotions is a mystery, but other recipients speak of this too.

For the first two months, I didn’t experience much physically, and all those negative thoughts were having a field day! But by the third month, very slowly, my life began to get a little easier. Long-standing problems began to get solved. Situations with heavy emotional baggage began to get more manageable. My financial situation improved. My relationships smoothed out. Anxiety began to vanish. Upsets had less impact. Slowly but surely life was just working better and I began to feel better emotionally, and the grief started to ease. I experienced that feeling better emotionally and feeling better physically are profoundly interconnected.

On one of the Live Q&A replay’s, Tom spoke of a woman who had come out of coma and he talked about scalar “jump-starting” her. That really resonated with me. Scalar gave me a jump start. It broke the cycle of negativity by injecting some intelligent and loving light energy.

In my case, it so far has been gradual. There have been some moments of spontaneous happiness, even elation, for no reason, and those are great moments! But what I value most is that when I look at where I was six months ago, there is no question, I feel better, in all ways. I still have healing yet to do. I was in that negative mindset for a long time. But I am certain from what I have experienced so far that Scalar will continue to bring me back to greater and greater health and well being because I am already overcoming chronic illness. I plan to stay with scalar indefinitely.

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