Love Yourself Out of the Addiction

The Standard Scalar healing sessions, the 3 protocols, have a salubrious effect on withdrawing from addiction of any kind, i.e., substance or behavior related. The chakra balance calms while the nutrient therapy feeds. In addition to using the standard scalar sessions to assist detaching from an addiction, work consciously with the MIR Method created by Mirelle Mettes from Europe. Watch the two videos then practice everyday for 4 months on ONE addiction. When you have mastered the ONE addiction and have withdrawn successfully, start a new one. Good luck and please report feedback in the comment section below at the end of the article.

Acknowledge Addiction First

Use 9 Steps MIR Method Second

The 9 steps of the MIR-Method

  • Step 1. Optimize acidity.
  • Step 2. Detox all toxicity.
  • Step 3. Detach father. Detach mother.
  • Step 4. Clear meridians.
  • Step 5. Supplement all shortages.
  • Step 6. Balance hormone system.
  • Step 7. Fulfill basic needs.
  • Step 8. Optimize Chakras and Aura.
  • Step 9. Clarify Mission.

MIR Method – Mental & Intuitive Reset by Mirelle Mettes

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The scalar healing sessions are done remotely using your photograph to connect with you. There are 3 options for scalar sessions:

  1. You as an individual
  2. You and one other as a Couple
  3. You and a group of 3, 4, 5, 7

You can click here or on the banner below to get started. After payment, you will receive an email requesting your photograph. Submit your photograph and Tom Paladino will begin the sessions. You will receive scalar sessions 7 days each week over 30 days. These sessions consist of a Pathogen Cleanse, a Nutritional Therapy and a Chakra Balance. Please refer to the FAQ page to see more details.

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