What is Scalar Energy?

Tom Paladino
Tom Paladino illuminates fluorescent bulbs in scalar energy field.

What is Scalar Energy? A scalar wave? Last, what is scalar healing?

I found this article by Jon Barron in his news letter archive from 2005.

Scalar Energy

Several years ago, I discovered and developed the Barron Effect®, which incorporates the principle of energy enhancement to modify the physical structure of herbs during the tincture manufacturing process. The net result is herbal tinctures that are over 100% stronger than anything the world has previously seen.

In a sense, the use of scalar energy to enhance the effectiveness of nutritional products or create healing devices out of pendants and patches is an extension of that effect—but at the same time it is an entirely different animal.

Understand, scalar energy has existed since the beginning of time; however, it’s only recently that scientists have discovered and begun to make use of it.

It was actually back in the mid 1800’s that the existence of scalar energy was first proposed in a series of 4 groundbreaking equations by the Scottish mathematician, James Clerk Maxwell.

The key to his equations—what makes them remarkable in history — is that they proposed for the first time the existence of scalar energy (one of several names since applied to the energy described in his equation).

It was almost a half century later before Nicola Tesla actually was able to demonstrate the existence of scalar energy. When Tesla died, he took the secret of scalar generation with him, and it took almost another full century before science was once again able to demonstrate, positively, the existence of scalar energy and begin an exploration of its potential.

What Are Scalar Waves?

The standard definition of scalar waves is that they are created by a pair of identical (or replicant) waves (usually called the wave and its anti wave) that are in phase spatially, but out of phase temporally. That is to say, the two waves are physically identical, but out of phase in terms of time.

The net result is that scalar waves are a whole different animal from normal Hertzian waves. They even look different—like an infinitely projected mobius pattern on axis.

How is Scalar Energy Different?

Scalar energy is different from standard Hertzian electromagnetic fields in a number of important ways.

  • First, it’s more field-like than wavelike. Instead of running along wires or shooting out in beams, it tends to “fill” its environment.
  • For many of the same reasons, it is capable of passing through solid objects with no loss of intensity. In fact, that is exactly what Tesla demonstrated over 100 years ago when he projected a scalar wave through the earth with no loss of field strength.
  • It implants its signature on solid objects. This is actually the heart of the issue. All electric fields can implant their signature on objects, but not to the degree that scalar energy can.
  • Scalar energy can regenerate and repair itself indefinitely. This also has important implications for the body. In other words, once the charge is implanted, you can keep it there — unless it is “overwritten” by another charge.

In the “New Age” community there has been much talk of the benefit of things like Tachyons, Radionics, and Pyramids, etc. Analysis shows that these are all, at heart, most likely scalar energy generating (or harvesting) devices.

Note: For an interesting take on scalar energy and healing, check out John Mallon’s video listed below. The actual content concerning scalar energy begins at about the 15 min mark.

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