What Does the Chakra Balance Do For Us?

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All human thought is a scalar energy transmission and the mental state of man can be balanced and reprogrammed by way of scalar energy chakra balancing.

The scalar light chakra balance serves to align and reprogram the seven (7) chakras of your body. The universe is an informational hologram in which scalar energy is the essence or matrix that communicates the infinite body of information or instructions.

Thus, scalar energy is intelligent energy that carries the information or instructions of the universe without being impeded by space or time as all points in the universe are considered as one (1) point in a hologram.

That is, the entire universe is connected or concatenated by a labyrinthine system of scalar energy thereby allowing instantaneous communication amongst all prayers, thoughts, emotions and physical matter in the universe.

The term quantum entanglement has been used by physicists to describe the concatenation of the universe. Only scalar energy can explain and account for the phenomenon of the holographic universe that functions according to the principles of quantum entanglement.

Every scalar light chakra balance accesses the holographic universe by way of the essence or matrix of the universe, which is scalar energy itself. Thus, each scalar energy chakra balance procures your entire life cycle from the moment of your conception to the present day on account of the fact that scalar energy transcends time and space. With this notion in mind, many people recall life experiences and are able to heal or recover from past, traumatic events.

Scalar energy is healing energy and many people are able to overcome emotional and psychological problems that have beset them for years. It appears that the scalar light chakra balance serves to provide healing or understanding from past, traumatic events, and to allow people to come to terms with these trials, offenses, and problems.

Holographic image of a brain
Human thought is a transmission of scalar energy made possible by the holographic universe.

Additionally, the scalar light chakra balance is healing energy that will serve to correct the thinking and emotions of a person thereby allowing many people to overcome addictions, phobias, aberrant behavior, procrastination, depression, anxiety, lack of self-confidence, fear, attention deficit disorder, confusion, memory loss, irrational thinking and lack of conviction.

The scalar light chakra balance can balance and reprogram the seven (7) chakras of people thereby providing mental and emotional healing. Succinctly, the intelligence that is imparted upon the chakra by way of scalar energy will serve to reverse and correct many mental as well as emotional issues.

In synopsis, scalar energy is healing energy that can be utilized to balance and reprogram the seven (7) chakra which in turn will balance and reprogram the thoughts and emotions of people thereby providing mental and emotional healing. Scalar energy is the intelligence of the universe that is capable of balancing and reprogramming all mental and emotional disorders.

The three (3) standardized scalar light sessions are designed to improve the health of everyone and thus represent universal health care to all. In some fashion, everyone will recognize an improvement in their health due to these scalar energy sessions.

Scalar energy originates from the Sun of our solar system as well as the stars of the universe and thus constitutes a fundamental, pure and life-enhancing energy that serves to improve spiritual, mental, emotional and physical health. Everyone is immersed in Sunlight and starlight from the moment of conception and thus enjoys the benefits of the Life Force energy throughout their lives. The standardized scalar energy sessions utilize that identical Life Force energy and immerse the soul, mind, emotions and physical body likewise in that very fundamental, pure and life-enhancing energy.

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