List of Viruses in the Pathogen Cleanse

Epstein Barr virus disassembled by scalar energy
Epstein Barr virus disassembled by Pathogen Cleanse.
Following is a list of viruses provided by WIKIPEDIA. The scalar energy pathogen cleanse includes approximately 80% of these viruses and is able to disassemble and eradicate these pathogenic agents.

In total, the scalar energy pathogenic cleanse treats people for over three thousand (3000) species of virus:





  1. HIV virus
  2. cytomegalovirus
  3. hepatitis virus
  4. influenza virus
  5. herpes simplex virus-1
  6. herpes simplex virus-2
  7. Ebola virus
  8. Epstein-Barr virus
  9. mumps virus
  10. parvovirus
  11. human papillomavirus

List of Viruses bacteria & germs included in the Pathogen Cleanse

List of Viruses – Please click this link and bookmark for future reference

Over 10,000 species of bacteria and germs – the Pathogen Cleanse eradicates 85% of this list

As a promise to you, I will continue to increase the list of viruses in the pathogen cleanse. The greater the number of pathogens that can be disassembled and eradicated from your body will result in a greater prospect of sound and vibrant health.

The scalar energy pathogenic cleanse disassembles the nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) of viruses thereby rendering any virus non-viable or non-functioning. Once the nucleic acid (DNA or RNA) of a virus has been disassembled and eradicated, that virus no longer exists. Scalar energy is a fundamental force in nature that allows me to have control or mastery over a virus as I am able to transmute the molecular and atomic structure of any virus. In so doing, scalar energy allows me to transmute or disassemble the nucleic acid of a virus into simpler, elemental forms, such as, carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, hydrogen, sodium, etc.

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