Pulsing Lights Spontaneously Illuminate via Scalar Energy Field

Scalar energy is able to affect the local environment thereby causing light bulbs in my home to spontaneously illuminate and pulsate. Many times when I am treating people with scalar energy or experimenting with my scalar energy instrument, the lights inside my home spontaneously illuminate and then subsequently pulse. Often, the lights shown in this video invariably illuminate and pulse when I am operating my scalar energy instrument.

I have observed that my scalar energy instrument is capable of creating a local, scalar energy force field thereby illuminating light bulbs within this environment. Ultimately, I hope to be able to transmit a scalar energy force field over great distances to illuminate objects without the need of power plants, wires, sub stations or a grid system. Scalar energy is the matrix of the universe and I hope to demonstrate that scalar energy can be transferred from one location to another without entropy. Scalar energy is an infinite source of energy and to be able to tap into and transfer scalar energy would serve to put an end to the worldwide energy crisis. May God give me the knowledge to do so. Thank you.

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