Teresa Romero Ramos Treated for Ebolavirus

October 13, 2014
Feast day of Fatima

Teresa Romero Ramos successfully treated with scalar energy for ebolavirus.
Teresa Romero Ramos successfully treated with scalar energy for ebolavirus.
I have been treating the Spanish nurse, Teresa Romero Ramos with scalar energy in order to disassemble and eradicate the Ebolavirus that infected her body. The scalar energy treatments are working as Teresa Romero Ramos is showing signs of significant improvement in her health since I began to treat her with scalar energy on Wednesday, October 8, 2014.

As of Sunday, October 12, 2014, Teresa Romero Ramos is able to sit unaided and is alert while she remains under quarantine at Carlos III Hospital in Madrid, Spain. Initially, Ramos was admitted to the hospital and listed as critical as her condition had deteriorated rapidly due to the Ebolavirus disease. I am convinced that the scalar energy treatments administered have served to disassemble and eradicate the Ebolavirus from her body thereby resulting in a rapid improvement in her health.

It is crucial to begin to treat people immediately with scalar energy who have become infected with the Ebola virus. The sooner the Ebolavirus is disassembled and eradicated from the human body, the greater the prospect of recovery from the viral infection. If a person is not treated with scalar energy, then the Ebolavirus will not be disassembled and eradicated and consequently the infection will persist as well as the symptoms. Succinctly, the Ebolavirus must be disassembled by way of scalar energy in order to stop the progression of the hemorrhagic fever virus.

My current understanding of scalar energy does not allow me to repair the ruptured capillaries or to reverse organ failure that are symptoms associated with late-stage Ebola infection. Thus, the scalar energy treatments are very effective in addressing the Ebolavirus infection prior to hemorrhaging and organ failure. It is my observation that once the Ebolavirus has been disassembled and eradicated, then many of the symptoms associated with the viral infection will begin to diminish and subsequently disappear entirely over the course of time in many instances.

In conclusion, scalar energy is a fundamental force in nature that allows me to have control or mastery over a pathogen. I have developed the scalar energy pathogenic cleanse that is capable of disassembling and eradicating the Ebolavirus and thereby offering a safe, effective and painless treatment modality to address Ebolavirus disease. In practice, I utilize scalar energy in order to disassemble the molecular structure of the Ebolavirus, thereby reducing this infectious agent into elements such as, carbon, oxygen, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, hydrogen, etc. Scalar energy is one of the greatest gifts from God, the Creator, and will eventually serve to improve the welfare of mankind immeasurably.

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