Braco from Croatia

Braco from Croatia heals with a gaze – a unique form of energy I’ve never encountered before. Consider energy healing. We are energy. Earth is energy. Scalar wave energy is unseen, unheard, not tasted, smelled or touched and yet, it helps us heal pathogens, virus, protozoa and amoeba. There are many forms of energy available to us for healing.

Braco, (pronounced braht zo) from Croatia visits the USA regularly since 2009. There have been over 100,000 attendees each year at his live events from Seattle, WA to Washington DC. Thousands more around the world have embraced him in online live streams. He began his healing work in Croatia 18 years ago and he is popular in the Balkans of Europe. Braco’s travels have taken him to Japan and this year in June, 2013, he will visit Perth Australia.

What Do People Say?

The testimonies of healing from chronic illness, better family relationships, finding a job, feeling happiness, relieving depression surround this gentle man and are collected for you to view at the web sites highlighted above. Testimonial demonstrations also follow on the two youtube videos for inspiration.

Vietnam Vet heals from Agent Orange and PTSD

A Quick History of Braco’s 17 Year Mission

A quick recounting of Braco’s history. He was a young man in 1993, just 26 years old when he met Ivica Prokic in Zagreb, Croatia. Braco’s mother had migraine headaches that doctors couldn’t help. She had heard about Ivica and announced to her husband and son that she had an appointment. Braco was concerned that his mother was visiting a healer. She invited him to come along. From the day Braco met Ivica, over the next 15 months, Braco spent everyday with Ivica, sitting by his side while he healed people all day long of serious illness, employment problems, war issues (the Czech Republic was at war then), relationship problems and life issues. Ivica took Thursdays off. The rest of the week, he healed from dawn until dusk.

Then, April 1995, tragedy struck. Ivica was killed in an accident. The healer was gone. He had prophesied that Braco would heal millions. Braco wasn’t convinced. The regulars around the healing center encouraged him to take up where Ivica left off. From 1995 until present, Braco has seen as many as 10,000 people in a single day and more than 250,000 people each year – 17 years of miraculous healing stories captured in letters, film and books.

Woman in Los Angeles heals from Severe Diabetes and Tinnitus

These testimonies are duplicated many times here in the US. Every event finds incredible healings. In fact, some people swear by reading the books and viewing the DVD’s to maintain the Braco gift between events. You can read Angelika Whitecliff’s 21 Days with Braco available at Amazon and the DVD From Spark to Flame available at

How to attend a live event or see a live stream on your PC or Phone

Should you wish to attend a live event or a live stream online check the schedule at the web sites. The Braco Ivica Facebook has thousands of members worldwide posting positive stories of renewal. Should you wish to read how Braco entered this special world of healers and doesn’t call himself a healer nor charge for his services, get Angelika Whitecliff’s book. Should you wish to sample the energy in the comfort of your own home order the DVD From Spark To Flame. I think you’ll be thrilled.

Authorized Web Sites US and Europe

Awakening Within
Angelika Whitecliff – Eastern USA Live Events

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European Live Event Schedule

European Facebook Community

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