Herpes Testimonial

35 Yrs of Herpes Suffering Gone!

Dear Tom,

It is amazing to me, that after 35+ years of having the herpes virus, I am free of it! This is especially wonderful since as a former nurse, I previously believed the statement from western medicine, that there is no cure for herpes and that I would have it for the rest of my life.

I, like many others, I’m sure, really suffered with herpes- both the cold sores and genital lesions. So for me to experience the diminishing of the outbreaks, and eventually having them stop completely, was a huge relief.

Even experiencing the later “false signaling” of the affected nerves (tingling and the “almost blisters” that cleared more quickly), was such a good change. It makes sense to me that after 35+ years of the virus, the nerves would need some time to fully heal from being damaged, even though the virus was no longer present in the body.

But I was patient with the process, since after so many years of enduring the outbreaks, a number of months of scalar treatments to have it all subside and disappear, seemed very small.

I am so grateful for this life changing scalar treatment. My overall health has vastly improved.

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