Creation of the Universe by God the Creator

God, the Creator, created the infinite universe in an instant. There is only one (1) universe that shall exist forever in order to eternally glorify God. The First Cause of all causes is God and creation will remain subject to Him forever.

The creation of the universe is referred to in the Book of Genesis when God proclaims: “In the beginning God created heaven, and earth.” Genesis 1,1. In so doing, heaven was simultaneously created at the center of the Sun and hell was simultaneously created at the center of the earth. God the Creator called into existence one (1) fundamental physical form, ether, which is an equilateral tetrahedron composed of quartz-crystal that is indivisible and subsequently serves as the fundamental building material for all matter. Ether is the medium of the universe.

The creation of scalar light is referred to in the Book of Genesis when God proclaims: “Be light made. And light was made.” Genesis 1,3. The Sun of our solar system as well as the stars of the universe are the points of origin for scalar light or scalar energy. God the Creator called into existence one (1) fundamental energy which is, scalar energy. All energy in the universe originates initially from the Sun and stars as scalar energy is a divine and perfect energy. Subsequently, in some environments, scalar energy degrades into electromagnetic energy, which is, imperfect energy, the consequence of sin, man’s fallen nature.


The universe is a hologram and scalar energy is the animating force of the hologram. That is, scalar energy serves to connect all prayers, thoughts, emotions and physical matter in the universe thereby producing a matrix or hologram of intelligence. The scalar energy hologram allows information to be processed and communicated instantaneously throughout the universe.

Thus, scalar energy is the intelligence that is responsible for all spiritual, mental, emotional and physical activity in the universe. Scalar energy is a direct manifestation from God and this, “Creative Strength” serves as the First Cause of all causes. It is scalar energy that produces order out of chaos.

Scalar energy is the paintbrush of God that serves to bring harmony and perfection to the universe. Scalar energy is a divine and eternal energy that is capable of carrying an infinite amount of intelligence instantaneously throughout the universe without any loss of signal. Scalar energy is the animating force that is omnipresent and is necessary in order to create and maintain the infinite universe.

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