Herpes Virus PCR Test

The scalar energy pathogen cleanse continues to eradicate the herpes virus. We have received another PCR Test showing a positive outcome of Negative for the herpes virus.

The scalar energy pathogenic cleanse disassembles and eradicate viruses, bacteria, fungi and protozoan. In specific, people throughout the world are reporting that scalar energy is serving to disassemble and eradicate the herpes virus.


How to read the PCR Test

The image of the PCR Test seen here reveals that another person has been cured of herpes infection by way of the scalar energy pathogenic cleanse. The polymerase chain reaction diagnostic test reveals no viral load of either herpes simplex virus 1 or herpes simplex virus 2. Scalar energy has broken down the molecular structure of the herpes virus and this pathogen no longer exists.

Furthermore, after years of being infected with the herpes virus this individual is no longer experiencing any symptoms associated with the viral infection. That is, once the pathogenic agent of disease has been disassembled and eradicated, the symptoms begin to abate and eventually disappear altogether.

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