Borrelia Mylophora Causative Agent of MS

BORRELIA-MYLOPHORABorrelia Mylophora is suspected by researchers to be a causative agent of MS.

Multiple sclerosis is a demyelinating disease of the white matter of the central nervous system. Axons are sheathed in myelin which serves to insulate these nerve fibers of the central nervous system that conduct electrical impulses. The degeneration of the myelin sheath results in the disruption or attenuation of these electrical impulses leading to neurological impairment. Presently, the etiology of multiple sclerosis remains ill-defined.

I herein advance the theory that the bacterium, Borrelia mylophora is one of the causative agents responsible for multiple sclerosis as well as other neuro-degenerative diseases. Borrelia myplophora has been identified as an active, pathogenic agent in many cases of multiple scelerosis and thus is considered to be associated with this neuro-degenerative disease.

Borrelia mylophora is a cell-wall deficient bacterium that can readily alter its cell wall membrane and subsequently invade human cells and survive therein. Antibiotic treatment of a cell-wall deficient bacterium such as Borrelia mylophora frequently proves to be inadequate on account of the fact that the lack of a definitive cell wall makes this bacterium insensitive to antibiotic treatments. Specifically, the invasion of Borrelia mylophora inside the myelin sheath of a nerve has been clearly documented and observed in many patients suffering from multiple sclerosis. It is my belief that the invasion or Borrelia mylophora inside the myelin sheath results in two (2) deleterious consequences. These consequences are: (1) Borrelia mylophora has an affinity for myelin and will subsequently invade the myelin sheath producing scar tissue or sclerosis, and (2) the presence of Borrelia mylophora inside the myelin produces an immune-mediated response in which the immune cells mistakenly attack the myelin tissue that contains the bacterium.

Pathogen Cleanse Disassembles Borrelia Mylophora

In particular, I have developed reverse-phase scalar energy instruments that allow me to negate the molecular bonds of pathogens such as, bacteria, fungi, viruses, protozoan and prions. The negation of the molecular bonds of a pathogen will serve to cause any infectious agent to disassemble into smaller, harmless, physical forms. In practice, I have developed a subscription known as the scalar light pathogenic cleanse that observes this fundamental rule. That is, the scalar light pathogenic cleanse subjects a pathogen to the reverse-phase function of scalar energy whereby the molecular bonds of a pathogen will be negated subsequently serving to disassemble that infectious agent. The scalar light pathogenic cleanse can be utilized to negate the molecular bonds of any pathogen thereby producing palliation for all pathogenic diseases.

On balance, multiple sclerosis is an inflammatory response associated with the production of an abnormal number of antibodies that target an unknown antigen found inside the myelin sheath. It is my position that the presence of Borrelia mylophora inside the myelin sheath is one of the antigens that is identified by the immune system thereby producing the immune-mediated response. As a result, the immunoglobulins mistakenly identify and attack the myelin sheath which has been invaded and occupied by Borrelia mylophora. In specific, the immunoglobulins can not differentiate between the pathogen, Borrelia mylophora which should be attacked, or the myelin sheath which should be left untouched. Such is the nature of an immune-mediated response in which tissue and organs are targeted by immunoglobulins in which pathogens have invaded and infected. Consequently, many immune-mediated and autoimmune disorders can be attributed to the invasion of pathogens inside tissue and organs that are identified and subsequently mistakenly targeted by immunoglobulins.

The exact cause of multiple sclerosis remains unknown as research continues to identify the causes of this neurological condition. Nonetheless, I believe one (1) of the contributing factors for many cases of multiple sclerosis is the stealth bacterium, Borrelia mylophora. In summation, Borrelia mylophora is capable of both attacking the myelin sheath as well as eliciting an immune-mediated response that will result in immunoglobulins mistakenly attacking the myelin sheath. To counter these deleterious effects, the scalar light pathogenic cleanse disassembles and eradicates Borrelia mylophora from the human body thereby either curing or palliating multiple sclerosis.

Scalar energy is a primal force in nature that is responsible for all atomic and molecular bonds and thus ultimately serves to bring order to all physical forms in the universe. In principle, scalar energy acting in an in-phase function will serve to assemble physical matter; whereas, scalar energy acting in a reverse-phase function will serve to disassemble physical matter. I have developed scalar energy instruments that are capable of both in-phase and reverse-phase functions. Correspondingly, I am able to assemble as well as disassemble physical matter by way of these scalar energy instruments.

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