Tap Your Energy: K-27 Kidney Meridian Point – 1st in a Series of 3 Per Day

Begin with K-27
Thump K-27 Points to begin.

These are the end points of the kidney meridians, the pathways of energy that begin under the ball of each foot, travel up the inside of the leg, up the front of the body, and end at the collarbone. The K-27 points are just under the clavicle, or collarbone.

To find them, place your fingertips on the U-shaped notch at the top of the breastbone, right about where a man knots his tie. Then move your fingers out to each side and down about an inch. Most people have small depressions there.

Stimulating these points clears energy reversals, which is important before beginning any energy intervention. It gets the energy flowing in a forward direction and jump-starts the energy system so we feel more alert and energetic.

Crossing your hands while thumping on the K-27 points has the added benefit of emulating the body’s energies crossing at the neck. Keep thumping the K-27 points while taking three deep breaths (in through the nose and out through the mouth).

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