Mild Autism with Executive Deficits

Major Brain Structures Implicated in AutismDuring the 1990’s, research on executive function examined the connection between autism and EF. In 2004, Elisabeth L. Hill summarized that research, concluding that, although many children with autism do have difficulties with executive function, it cannot be considered a defining feature of autism because there are also children on the autism spectrum who do not have difficulties with executive function. As a result, autism treatment has largely excluded assessment and treatment for EF and focused instead on the social and communication difficulties common to all individuals on the autism spectrum.

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Dear Tom,

I adopted an older teen who was diagnosed with mild autism, which even mild, is devastating, plus “executive deficits” coming from neurological problems in his brain. These are not behaviors; he was born with this. He was never told he had these issues after he was diagnosed, as we felt it would damage his badly needed and fragile self-esteem. He blames his deprived background for his struggles. His strengths are, he is highly intelligent, inventive, artistic, ambidextrous, and a talented, self-taught musician who creates beautiful, original music on several instruments. His challenges include extreme distractability, inability to follow routines, short term memory loss right in the midst of conversation, losing things, absent mindedness, general chaos in his environment, and extreme immaturity. I had to learn to talk with him in one-sided conversation, because he cannot keep the pace of normal conversation. If I speak,he forgets his thought, and becomes angry for “being interrupted.” I am very patient and understanding with him – I know he cannot help it and I despaired of his future.

Physical symptoms include frequent headaches, anxiety attacks in the night, and visual distortions from looking at a computer screen. The most difficult moments are when he gets triggered periodically into meltdowns that seem almost like seizures. He has spectacular meltdowns, raging and kicking things, and after the physical acting out stops, retreats into angry, silent withdrawal for days, leaving him drained and sleeping for days to recover. He would get angry and confused about things easy for others to understand…just normal interchanges and he would suddenly trigger, and when he is triggered, it’s impossible to communicate. He suffers extreme impatience. He does have good friendships with people younger than he, but like him are a bit lost, and more matched to his maturity level. He is now in his 20’s and has not been able to find or keep a job, nor was he able to complete high school, despite his very high IQ. When he is not triggered, he is very gentle, funny, clever, and loving.

He has been receiving scalar sessions about 7 months, and I didn’t see any change until about 3 months ago, when he decided he wanted to take some classes in chef cookery. He did miss many classes due to not being able to get ready on time, or forgetting. Though with difficulty, he did finish the course in late November…a first for him. He received a 95% rating. This was an enormous breakthrough. There has been an accelerated improvement in the last 6 weeks. He is communicating with me about real issues, is maturing rapidly, and is managing his emotions 90% better. He is starting to adopt a better schedule and is beginning to behave in a more mature and responsible way.

He has not had a serious meltdown for several months. I have been working with him over 6 years, without much hope. There is too much correlation between the start of his scalar sessions and his marked improvement and maturation to not give scalar wave program the credit. It is the only thing he has experienced that is different. I now see improvement by the week, and he is maturing rapidly…seems to be catching up. He still has a lot of entrenched bad habits and thought patterns to heal, still gets confused and angry, but he is talking about it, and voluntarily coming up with plans for a future. He is happier than I have ever seen him and I am experiencing an emotional connection from him he has not been able to manifest before. His scalar sessions will continue.

We are so grateful for the work you offer to us….without scalar, how could the above story ever be told?

Many thanks, many blessings,

Grateful Mom. . . .

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