HIV Not Detected

HIV is not detected in the PCR Tests you see below from Africa. The AIDS infection, can now be eradicated via the scalar energy pathogen cleanse. Scalar energy is responsible for the geometry, the orderly arrangement of all physical forms in the universe: without scalar energy, the physical universe would be reduced to chaos. The entire physical universe is assembled and maintained by way of scalar energy. Conversely, scalar energy is capable of disassembling physical forms such as viruses, including the HIV virus, which is the etiological cause of AIDS.

In specific, it is possible to disassemble the genome of the HIV virus by way of scalar energy, thereby incapacitating the pathogen either in whole or in part. A transmission electron micrograph of the RNA of the HIV virus will provide the necessary information to identify the harmonic of the pathogen responsible for AIDS. In application, it is possible to administer the scalar energy reverse-phase angle harmonic of the RNA of the HIV virus in to a person infected with the virus. This harmonic will instruct the genome of the HIV virus to disassemble thus incapacitating the pathogen and producing a cure for AIDS. Once the genome of the HIV virus has been disassembled either in whole or in part, the pathogen can no longer replicate and infect a host. In short, scalar energy offers the means to fundamentally control and disassemble any pathogen thus eliminating the respective etiological cause of any pathogenic disease.

Before and after results for HIV and HVB
Results continued

Christian Missionaries in Africa

A group of Christian missionaries are submitting photographs in order to be treated with scalar energy. As a result of these scalar energy treatments, many people in Africa are being cured of HIV infection, malaria, herpes, tuberculosis, Zika virus, meningitis, whooping cough, measles, pneumonia, hepatitis, etc.

The Christian missionaries travel throughout Africa educating people regarding the healing power of scalar energy. Thereafter, photographs are taken of these people and subsequently submitted in collage format in order to treat thousands of people in an organized fashion.

The healing of Africa has begun and this healing ministry will soon spread like wildfire as the Blessed Virgin Mary has prophesied. The scalar energy healing ministry will experience exceptional growth and will be responsible for curing millions of people in Africa of pathogenic disease. The healing of the African people has begun.

Join Our Healing Ministry

Please join our scalar energy healing ministry in Africa as we need your assistance. Some of the ways that you may assist us in this healing ministry are found below:

  • Contact Christian missionaries and activists in Africa to join our scalar energy healing ministry. Please have all interested parties contact Tom Paladino directly by clicking on the Support tab at the top of this page.
  • Promote the healing of the African people by informing your family members and friends of our scalar energy healing ministry.
  • Promote the healing of the African people by posting information regarding the scalar energy healing ministry on social media sites.
  • Pray for the success of the healing of the African people.

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