HSV I&II PCR Test Proof that herpesvirus eradicated

The following was received today, April 27, 2017, from a user of the remote scalar sessions that benefited from the scalar energy pathogen cleanse to eradicate Herpes I & II. The user’s PCR Test result is shown below:
Quest Diagnostics PCR Results for HSV 1 and 2, not detected

Hi Tom!

So instead of getting frustrated about the symptoms of HSV 1&II and not being sure of what’s happening in my body I decided to get a PCR/DNA test. It was expensive but worth knowing. I’m ecstatic to report that HSV 1&II was NOT detected in my body!

(Editors Note: Please print the following PCR Test article and take to your physician or lab tech. PCR Test )

This is amazing as this is not supposed to be possible! The better thing to have done was to have the antibody test done Before the PCR test. That would show the inconsistency. Whereas if I take the antibody test now someone could claim that I contracted HSV I&II after I took the PCR test.

Anywho, I’m amazed that I’m finally free of that awful disease and I know I wont give it to anyone. I’m sorry that I couldn’t totally believe you before but I do have to be wary as I bought into a few things that didn’t work before.

I did notice that the intense amount of pressure in my cheeks calmed down significantly right on the first day of treatment. Still I wasn’t totally sure as symptoms (herpes breakout) still came and at times were strong.

(Editors Note: Learn More About The Symptoms After The Pathogen Cleanse. Symptoms After Pathogen Cleanse, Disassembling Effect, Death Expression.)

This test is total confirmation and shows something important for you.

If it took a scientific test to make me totally believe then it’s likely many other people will think the same way. After all you are trying to get people to believe in what society thinks is impossible. It will take science to prove people, I think. With that said I give you and your movement permission to use the DNA test results I attached to be used for your purposes. I give you permission to copy it and use it at your discretion.

Thank you so much Tom! You seriously changed my life for the better and I will never forget this! When you called me back and talked to me on the phone it showed you are a genuine person and have a heart of gold but I can see that in your videos and in your voice. I will do all I can to spread your word. You are a true hero of humanity.

Thank you for your interest in the article HSV I&II PCR Test Proof that herpesvirus eradicated.

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