PCR Test: Herpes Simplex II Gone – 8 Year Infection

The PCR Test proves that the scalar energy pathogenic cleanse disassembles and eradicates the Herpes Simplex II Virus after 8 years of infection.

Scalar energy is a fundamental force that assembles and maintains all molecular bonds. Scalar energy can be controlled to disassemble and eradicate the molecular bonds of pathogens, such as, viruses, bacteria, fungi, prions and protozoan. In particular, the scalar energy pathogenic cleanse is able to negate the molecular bonds of herpes simplex II virus thereby causing this infectious agent to disassemble into smaller, harmless physical forms.

The testimonial below is from a woman that was successfully treated for herpes simplex II virus by way of the scalar energy pathogenic cleanse. After eight (8) years of infection with herpes simplex II virus, the scalar energy pathogenic cleanse served to disassemble and eradicate the infectious agent from her body. The scalar energy pathogenic cleanse appears to have negated this woman of herpes simplex II viral infection.

Now, I have a personal testimony to my outcome. . .

Dear Tom,

It is with great emotion that I share my test results with you. When the herpes virus activated in my vaginal area about 8 years ago, I thought it was the end of my life. STD’s has to be the most taboo subject in our culture keeping us ignorant and silent and feeling ashamed. I had such anticipation and felt quite nervous in obtaining this. But deep down I felt like the sessions I had done with the Scalar Energy you provided had worked at such a deep level in my body. I also held on to deep faith and prayers for you and your technology that helps save the lives of many individuals living with incurable factors. I am a deep believer in quantum physics and the laws of the Universe. Our human makeup comes from the cosmos and is energized by how we think and feel. I was feeling bouts of shame, recurring shame as a form of self punishment and I believe this activated the herpes. However, my state of mind, could not help me relieve them or eradicate them with the same ease that I manifested them. Finding you on line and this technology gave me hope. Even though I had a few breakouts throughout, even while doing the Scalar Energy, I never gave having faith that this was the best thing out there.

Now, I have a personal testimony to my outcome and I don’t have to read anyone else’s and think that I wish for that to be me. I have my own to share! Many blessings to you and all those you help.

Below is the polymerase chain reaction test result that proves that the scalar energy pathogenic cleanse has served to disassemble the herpes simplex II virus. The test result is: Negative.

The scalar energy pathogenic cleanse is a safe and effective treatment to disassemble and eradicate the herpes simplex II virus. Once the herpes simplex II virus has been disassembled and reduced to smaller, harmless physical forms it ceases to exist as an infectious agent.

The scalar energy pathogenic cleanse will one day be embraced as the cure for herpes simplex II virus.

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