Fungus Among Us

If you have fungus growing on your feet, nails or any part of your body, the first pathogen cleanse will eradicate it. In the case of toenails or finger nails, you won’t see improvement until your nails grow out completely. That can take several months even up to a year.

A scalar light user writes:

I do have a question. As I have mentioned before I’m hoping that my toenail fungus improves from the treatments. Over the last month it actually has seemed to be doing better. However, over the last week or so I got a really bad fungal infection on my hands and also some on my feet. I was just wondering how that is able to take hold when those types of pathogens are being eradicated daily? Thanks,

Tom Paladino’s answer:

The remote scalar light is not a SHIELD. The remote scalar light pathogen cleanse is broadcast 1 hour per day. During that specific time, the pathogens are eradicated.

Now, for the next 23 hours in the day the user must practice excellent, unfailing HYGIENE and be considerate about the potential to expose oneself to infection and avoid it.

Foot Fungus Infection

For the foot fungus infection – throw away old shoes that may have fungus in them if they cannot be washed in the washer in very hot water and a sanitizing detergent. Throw away old socks and buy all new socks or wash all socks in very hot water with sanitizing detergent.

Change socks daily.

Launder towels, wash cloths, bathmats in hot water with a sanitizing detergent.

Change sheets weekly. Wash all bedding and bed clothing such as pajamas weekly with hot water and a sanitizing detergent. Google search on this keyword phrase: best detergent + fungus and you will see something like the image below:

Google search best detergent + fungus

Clean your bath shower, tub and sinks – Sanitize this room and make it sparkle. Clean the shower and tub after each use. Clean the bathroom floors, sinks and cabinets thoroughly every week. Pick up all mats used in the shower, tub or on the bathroom floor weekly to launder with hot water and a sanitizing detergent. Launder towels and wash cloths in hot water and sanitizing detergent.

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Review this article for more ideas about how to stop repeating the fungus infection.

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  1. Dear Tom,

    How do you do it? Every time an area of concern shows up on my poor body, you have a solution for it. Just yesterday I began reusing my Oil of Oregano treatment for toe fungus and here today you are featuring that very area. Really appreciate all the suggestions on ridding that nasty fungus from the home. Thank you so much for all the help you are providing.

    Margie McGinnis

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