Female Hormone Therapy Nutrients

Hormone Therapy is promoted via the Scalar Energy Female Hormone Therapy nutrients.

Female Hormone Therapy
Scalar Energy assembles the female hormone progesterone in the human body.
Scalar energy is capable of assembling female hormones inside the human body. Below is a list of female hormones that I will assemble inside your body by way of scalar energy if you so desire. This treatment modality is offered on a case-by-case basis as not everyone is in need of the female hormone therapy. Also, everyone is different and thus the response to the Scalar Energy Female Hormone Therapy will vary. Only you can be the judge as to whether the Scalar Energy Female Hormone Therapy will prove to be in your best interest.

The Scalar Energy Female Hormone Therapy does not diagnose your existing hormonal state. Hence, medical testing might be necessary in order to ascertain a deficiency in female hormones. The Scalar Energy Female Hormone Therapy is designed to assemble female hormones inside each cell of your body. Thus, the Scalar Energy Female Hormone Therapy will serve to increase the quantity of female hormones inside your body. However, the Scalar Energy Female Hormone Therapy does not ensure the exact balance of female hormones needed inside your body.

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Female Hormone Feedback

After purchase, upload only your photograph if you decide to have female hormones assembled inside your body. I will treat you 24 hours daily, seven (7) days a week for a span of thirty (30) days for female hormones. The cost for this therapy is $ 75.00 / for a single month and for the recurring subscription. The 12 Month Prepaid FHT Scalar Energy Session offers a discount of 15%, $777.00.

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Monitor your health as you participate in the Scalar Energy Female Hormone Therapy. Last, all photographs are destroyed at the end of the single month female hormone therapy and when you cancel the recurring subscription thereby assuring your privacy.

Female Hormones Assembled

  1. androstenedione
  2. estradiol
  3. estriol
  4. estrone
  5. oxytocin
  6. progesterone
  7. follicle stimulating hormone (FSH)
  8. luteinizing hormone (LH)
  9. pregnenolone
  10. DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)
  11. testosterone
  12. human growth hormone
  13. creatine (amino acid)
  14. zinc

Nine proteinogenic amino acids are called “essential” for humans because they cannot be created from other compounds by the human body and, so, must be taken in as food. Others may be conditionally essential for certain ages or medical conditions. Essential amino acids may also differ between species.

Because of their biological significance, amino acids are important in nutrition and are commonly used in nutritional supplements, fertilizers, and food technology. Industrial uses include the production of drugs, biodegradable plastics, and chiral catalysts.

Essential Amino Acids Assembled via Scalar Energy

  1. Histidine
  2. Isoleucine
  3. Leucine
  4. Lysine
  5. Methionine
  6. Phenylalanine
  7. selenocysteine
  8. Threonine
  9. Tryptophan
  10. Valine

Non-Essential Amino Acids Assembled via Scalar Energy

  1. Alanine
  2. Arginine
  3. Asparagine
  4. Aspartic acid
  5. Beta-alanine
  6. Carnitine
  7. Citrulline
  8. Cysteine
  9. Cystine
  10. Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid (GABA)
  11. Glutamine
  12. Glutamic acid
  13. Glycine
  14. Hydroxyproline
  15. Ornithine
  16. Proline
  17. Serine
  18. Taurine
  19. Tyrosine

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