Squamous Cell Papilloma Eradicated via 15-day Trial

Human Papilloma virus Electron micrographA 15-day trial user in March 2018 noticed the growth in her mouth (Squamous Cell Papilloma) responding to the standard scalar sessions. She took photo images of her mouth each week during the trial and after the conclusion of the 15-day trial. You will see how the squamous cell papilloma completely disappeared over a 13-week period. 400,000 pathogens are eradicated on the first scalar session. Please review the article, First Pathogen Cleanse.

The image on your left is the HPV, Human Papilloma virus Electron micrograph. This image is similar to the images that I use in the scalar light pathogen cleanse.

As you scroll through the article, you will find a description of her experience while receiving the scalar light sessions; her asthma symptoms have vanished along with achy joints. You will see the images of her journey – a weekly record of the changes in the lesion in her mouth and the lesion ultimately disappeared at the end of 13 weeks. Review the article I found online that describes the condition of oral squamous cell papilloma.

The Scalar Light 15-day Trial (Standard Scalar Session) caused this experience for the user:

  1. Asthma vanished
  2. Achy joints vanished
  3. Squamous Cell Papilloma vanished

HPV, the Human Papilloma virus, is one of the species of pathogens that is disassembled by way of the scalar light pathogen cleanse. The scalar light pathogen cleanse has the ability to disassemble the DNA of the Human Papilloma virus thus incapacitating and subsequently eradicating this infectious agent. Once the DNA of HPV has been disassembled, the pathogen no longer poses a threat to human health.

Scalar light is a fundamental force that assembles and maintains all molecular bonds. Scalar light can be controlled to disassemble and eradicate the molecular bonds of pathogens, such as, viruses, bacteria, fungi, prions and protozoan. In particular, the scalar light pathogenic cleanse is able to negate the molecular bonds of HPV, Human Papilloma virus thereby causing this infectious agent to disassemble into smaller, harmless physical forms.

Aloha Tom,

I completed a thorough Weekly Photo Journal of my Scalar Treatment experience. The following is a prologue for the Photo Journal:

THANK YOU TOM for your beautiful healing Scalar Energy technology. I am truly glad to be able to share with you this photo journal of my healing journey of an oral form of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV). I now understand when you say that Scalar Energy dismantles the pathogen’s molecular structure, because I kind of see how the dismantling has taken its course in my Photo Journal.

It was a painless process, with wonderful side effects. Scalar energy helped my asthma that I have had since I was a infant. At night as soon as my head hit the pillow I could hear gurgling and a slight wheezing from my breathing passage, however, Scalar Energy took care of that… I CAN BREATHE like a normal person. I have yet to have an asthma attack. Oh and my joints feel so much better too. So, two thumbs up!

I do hope others who embrace the Scalar Energy Treatments can appreciate the body’s ability to heal slowly like fine wine. THIS IS NOT INSTANT GRATIFICATION! WAIT! WHAT AM I SAYING? But then again it sort of is a quick fix… since I’ve had this virus for about 10 years, so another 3 months of dismantling and healing is nothing! And those who have debilitating pathogens that medical establishments claim cannot be healed…it can be! It will safely be eradicated with your technological gift.

I Thank you again. I’m truly blessed to have met you! All of Humanity is blessed! Please share with the WORLD!

What is squamous cell papilloma?

Squamous cell papilloma may be defined as a small benign (non-cancerous) growth that begins in squamous cells (thin, flat cells) that are found in the tissue that forms the surface of the skin (epidermis), the passages of the respiratory and digestive tract and in the lining of hollow organs of the body.

Squamous cell papilloma is caused by infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV). When the papillomas are found on the skin they are more commonly referred to as warts or verrucas. And papillomas occurring on the genital tract are known as genital warts. Squamous cell papillomas may also occur on many other parts of the body. Areas where squamous cell papilloma have been investigated as a disease entity on their own include the mouth and throat, oesophagus (digestive tract), respiratory tract and conjunctiva (membrane that covers the eye).

Review the article further by clicking the link

Photo Record Beginning in March 2018 and ending in June 2018

Scalar Light Sessions eradicating squamous cell papilloma Days 1-21

Scalar Light Sessions eradicating squamous cell papilloma Days 22-42

Scalar Light Sessions eradicating squamous cell papilloma Days 43-63

Scalar Light Sessions eradicating squamous cell papilloma Days 64-84

Scalar Light Sessions eradicating squamous cell papilloma Days 85-91

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