15 yr old Maltese Cataracts Gone in 3 Weeks

Cataracts on a dogs eyeWe received a note from our client today that included photos of her 15-yr-old Maltese dog. Her pet had cataracts for several years and she put him on the standard scalar session 3 weeks ago. See the photos she sent below. The cataracts have reduced.

Nanobacteria is an infectious agent that is associated with diverse calcification-related medical conditions. Nanobacteria is a general term for either a newly discovered blood-borne microorganism believed to be a bacterium or a calcifying nanoparticle responsible for biomineralization deposits that serve to harden and stiffen human tissue. Nanobacteria are associated with many diverse calcification-related medical conditions and have been shown to infect humans as well as other mammals. Nanobacteria undergo cell division slowly, produce a biofilm, are resistant to heat and form a protective, biogenic calcium shell on their cell envelope

Review the article Nanobacteria: Infectious Agent

Medical Conditions Associated with Nanobacteria Infection

  1. atherosclerotic plaque
  2. kidney stones
  3. gall stones
  4. cataracts
  5. scleroderma
  6. brain aneurysms ( calcification in the brain leading to strokes)
  7. ovarian cysts leading to cancer
  8. many types of arthritis ( calcified deposits in joints and tendons )
  9. breast calcification leading to breast cancer
  10. some forms of psoriasis
  11. prostate calcification leading to prostate cancer
  12. periodontal disease ( calcification of dental plaque )
  13. fibromyalgia
  14. fibrous scar tissue
  15. Alzheimer’s disease

American Maltese Association

Review this article from the American Maltese Association about cataracts.

Hi Tom,

I thought I would share this with you. You have been treating my 15 year Old Maltese with the Scalar Energy for 3 weeks now. I noticed something very different about his eye’s today.

2 Months ago I took this picture of Devon’s eye’s. They have had this Round, Yellow Cloud literally covering his eye. It has been progressing every year.

Improvement of Cataracts on a dogs eyeI Looked at him today, the yellow is almost completely gone, his eyes are starting to come back to the way they used to be when he was younger. He has had these yellow clouds covering his eyes for a few years now. This has happened since you started the Scalar Energy on him! This is Amazing! Look how small the Cataracts are? This is the first time I can actually see the color of his eyes. I haven’t been able to see this for years.

Thank you so much!

Many Blessings to you for this Healing Modality from God!????????



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